Patch 1.8: Call of the Mountain Expansion, Ranked reset, and much more

For several days, we have been reporting all the details that Riot Games announced regarding the Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain expansion, and the day of its official release has finally arrived.

This expansion brings a new region, Targon, as well as 89 collectible cards, 7 champions, and a variety of new features and content across the game that you can check here. Call of the Mountain has been implemented in the live servers through the newest version of the game, Patch 1.8, and is the first of three expansions yet to be released:

Targon arrives at Legends of Runeterra with 51 collectible cards, and four Champions from the region: Taric, Leona, Diana, and Aurelion Sol. But this expansion also increased other regions’ rosters, spreading 38 more cards across the existing regions, with a focus on Freljord, Ionia, and Shadow Isles, bringing three new Champs to our decks: Trundle, Lulu, and Nocturne.

Also, six new keywords have been added with Call of the Mountain expansion: Spellshield, Nightfall, Behold, Daybreak, Fury, and Invoke (check the details of each one by clicking on them).

But Champions, keywords, and collectible cards are not the only things coming with Patch 1.8:

New Lab: Discover Targon

With this preconstructed Lab, we will have the chance to choose between six decks packed with the new cards and strategies from Targon. The decks are listed with the following titles:

Ranked Rewards and New Season

Following the release of the new expansion, a ranked reset will take place, and the players will receive reward icons for last season based on the highest rank we reached.

The reset will consist of the next possibilities:

  • Master accounts will drop 8 divisions.
  • Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop 750LP (7 divisions +50LP ).
  • Gold and Silver accounts will drop 675LP (6 divisions +75 LP).
  • Bronze and Iron accounts will reset to Iron IV.

Card Updates

As every Patch does, the new version brings some adjustments and changes that help Riot Games to reach their main goal: to keep the game healthy and balanced. These are the changes coming with 1.8 version:

  • Fury of the North (Sejuani Burst Spell): according to the old text granted an ally +4|+4 for one round but now, with its new text it will grant +3|+4.
  • Trifarian Assessor (Noxus unit): its cost is increased from 4 to 5.
  • Sump Dredger: its old text “To play me, discard 1 and draw 1” is removed and now reads “Play: Discard 1 to draw 1”.
  • Zaunite Urchin: its old text “To play me, discard 1 and draw 1” is also substituted for “Play: Discard 1 to draw 1”.


Celestial Summit Board:

Cosmo Guardian (with Loyal personality and “Chasing stars” as a hobby):


Card Backs: Sunrise and Moonfall:

Four new Emotes: (Targon Emotes bundle now available for 570 Coins in the store).

Stars Above Bundles: now available in the store for 1422 Coins. It includes Celestial Summit Board, Cosmo Guardian, and an exclusive Targon Icon:

Deck Bundles: Celestial Radiance, a ready-to-play Targon deck available in the store for 2016 Coins that includes Leona and Aurelion Sol:

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