PGR ranking system for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will use voter panel, feature 100 players

Because the ranking system for the PGR is run by a private algorithm, a lot of players have complained about how the Top 50 players for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have been determined over the first year of the competitive scene. 

So for the third season of the PGRU, the algorithm is being replaced by a panel of voters that will use the same ballot system used by the Melee PGR, which means the Top 50 ranking will also expand to 100 players. 

PGstats on Twitter

Before the unveiling of the #PGRU Season 2 Top 10, the PGstats team has a special announcement regarding big Season 3 changes to the ranking methods, the TTS, and expanding beyond Top 50. Watch: Or read the in-depth write up:

The lead statistician for PGstats, Andrew “PracticalTAS” Nestico detailed all of the new changes that will be coming to the system throughout the year in a blog post. That same post also talked about why Panda Global didn’t make the algorithm public, as well as explaining why the team decided to make the change.

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