Play Pokémon confirms hidden abilities and moves from Pokémon HOME are tournament legal

With the release of Pokémon HOME, there were multiple questions floating around about what new content would be legal to use during official Play Pokémon events since the new transfer method allows different forms, moves, and abilities into Sword and Shield

We officially have an answer for at least the biggest question, being that hidden abilities and moves that can be passed down from non-Galarian Pokémon through breeding are completely legal to use during all official competitions. 

This does not mean you can just transfer over a Pokémon from Sun and Moon that is present in the Galar Pokédex and use it in competition, however. If you want to make use of a hidden ability or some moves not available naturally in Sword and Shield you will need to breed and train up a new version of that Pokémon. 

(1/3) Attention, Trainers! To participate in official #PokemonSwordShield competitive play, each Pokémon on your team must have the Galar symbol on its summary page.

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