PSG.LGD style on Vici Gaming in the WeSave! Charity Play China finals

The dark days seem to be over for PSG.LGD Gaming, who took the spoils at the non-profit WeSave! Charity Play tournament undefeated in front of the more successful, so far in this season, Invictus Gaming and Vici Gaming.

WeSave! marked the competitive debut of the revamped PSG.LGD roster. Yang “Chalice”‘ Shenyi got to soft tune his carry skills and he did it with a remarkable performance. In the best-of-five finals against VG he outplayed his opponents with Dragon Knight, Lone Druid, and Lifestealer. Game one was somewhat decided from the drafting stage when VG went with a unidimensional line-up, counting on the powerful right click, single target damage dished out by Ursa and Juggernaut. PSG.LGD had an Ogre-Magi on their side to buff the DK, along with Bristle Back and Void Spirit, to be able to fight from early stages and press the issue fast. The second game went even better for PSG.LGD, courtesy of a very aggressive Lone Druid from Chalice and a very mobile overall draft, featuring Ember Spirit, Centaur Warrunner, Windranger and Chen. VG managed to land just 4 kills through the entire game, while they were simply run over by their adversaries.

VG gave a few signs of recovery in the third game of the series, where they displayed a better laning phase and occasionally proved able to punish PSG.LGD’s over aggression, but once again they were out drafted and outplayed. PSG.LGD had an interesting combo with Chalice on the Lifestealer and Lu “Maybe” Yao on a mid lane Earth Spirit, while Xu “fy” Linsen was giving the Luna aura buff to his team. Again the highly mobile line-up of PSG.LGD got VG into trouble and eventually led to a 0-3 defeat in the final act of the tournament.

WeSave! Charity Play continues today with two more finals on the schedule. Team Liquid and Nigma will duel for the European bracket supremacy at 15:30 CET, followed by the No-Ping Esports vs Thunder Predator South America finals at 20:30 CET.

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