PUBG MOBILE Update, $2M PUBG MOBILE Global Championship Detailed

PUBG MOBILE has announced that it intends to release version 1.0 of the popular mobile battle royale title and launch its $2M USD PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC). The update scheduled for Sept. 8 will add new tech and UX, to go along with new gameplay features. Season Zero of the new PMGC is set to start in late November with invites going out to all regions just before. The $2M prize pool is the largest yet for PUBG MOBILE, with Qualcomm backing that as the title sponsor.

First released in February 2018, PUBG MOBILE has been downloaded over 600M times and boasts over 50M daily active players.

The version 1.0 release improvements are vast. Players can expect to see detailed upgrades to player characters, main lobby environments, and the playing environment themselves. Additional upgrades include adding a more realistic artistic touch to particles, smoke, air blasts, and muzzle flashes. The scopes used on the in-game weapons will now feature a more realistic feel. The new version will also see movement upgrades to the 3D models as well as upgrading lighting systems and shading to the texture and objects inside the game.

PUBG MOBILE’s user interface and interactive experiences will see an overhaul in the newest update having been designed to help with eye strain while adding more visual elements. 

To go along with the newest release, PUBG MOBILE esports has announced that the PUBG MOBILE World League (PMWL) and World Championship will be combined into one event with a robust $2M prize pool. As it stands there are plans to have this competition be played live in multiple studios with the possibility of fans being on-site, but only if COVID-19 related guidelines and statutes have been softened and safety concerns are assuaged come November.

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