Respawn adds new tournament mode in Apex Legends—but it’s only for partnered officials

Respawn Entertainment dropped a new Apex Legends patch today alongside the battle royale’s Grand Soirée event, and one special new feature may have caught fans’ eyes. Apex is getting a new tournament mode, but unfortunately for fans of the game, it won’t be available for everyone.

“This feature is limited to approved partners and allows them to arrange private player matches, record live footage via game client spectators, and view match results,” Respawn Entertainment wrote in the patch notes. “Our goal here is to provide great tools for tournament organizers for setting up teams and matches at events and a better spectating experience for fans.”

Respawn avoided revealing specific details about the mode’s tools and limitations. But based on the mode’s description, it will primarily serve as a way for fans to spectate professional events. With the first event of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) rapidly approaching, esports fans can only hope the feature will be implemented into the event’s broadcast system when the action kicks off later this month.

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