Riot Games’ Head Of Esports Talks On Why LEC Dominates In Viewership

Earlier this week, Riot Games’ Head of Esports Alberto Guerrero discussed the ways that the LEC had managed to become the dominant competition in terms of viewership.

The LEC is kicking off its second season, following an extremely successful start in 2019. According to LOL Esports, viewership increased significantly during the events maiden season, over 800,000 con-current viewers during the 2019 Summer Finals which was an increase of 65% from the prior year. In lieu of this success, Guerrero shared some of the ways that Riot was able to make the LEC so successful, as well as how they are planning to push the envelope in 2020.

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In an interview for, Guerrero pointed to a close collaboration between Riot’s esports division and the teams as the major factor that influenced the LEC’s success during season 1. He said that in 2020 they would continue to try and find other ways to work with the teams, and make things even more efficient in 2020.

Furthermore, he said that Riot rebranded the LEC, and was working on ways to improve the broadcasts, in an attempt to continue to improve the experience for viewers at home. When asked why they had decided to make the Summer Split the decider for worlds, Guerrero answered that it was an attempt to make each game matter, which would increase the competitiveness of the games through out the season. These were the main topics that were covered in regardless to the success and plans of the LEC.

League of Legends has been the pinnacle of esports for awhile, consistently drawing high numbers of viewers for their events. It would have been easy for them to rest on their laurels, and continue doing things the way that they had been. However, they’ve instead decided to try and take their game to the next level. Considering the growth they saw in viewership last year, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the LEC continue to dominate.

This is also a good thing for esports at large. Competition always breeds innovation, and this situation is no different. Hopefully, this will galvanize organizers in other games to continue to invest and improve their product. As esports continues to find its way into mainstream culture, the LEC could certainly lead all of esports into a new age of relevance and prosperity.

Sources:, LOL Esports

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