Riot Games Reveals Legends of Runeterra World Championship – The Esports Observer

A year after releasing Legends of Runeterra, its free-to-play, digital card game for mobile and PC, Riot Games has announced its first official and major esports competition for the title, the Legends of Runeterra World Championship.

Riot said in a release that qualifiers and finals for the Legends of Runeterra World Championship will take place in September, with the finals featuring a $200K USD prize pool.

Sixty-four players from each region including the Americas, Europe, and Asia will compete for seats at the finals: six from the Americas, five from Europe, and five from the winners of the SEA and Asia competitions.  

Riot says that it will release more information on how players can qualify, the format for quarterfinals and finals, and broadcast details in the future on the game’s official website and via social media. 

For more information on how to qualify, read the official Legends of Runeterra World Championship announcement.

Riot laid out the structure it planned to implement for Legends of Runterra esports in October of last year.

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