Riot has hotfixed Sona and Soraka

Following their sudden emergence in the meta, Riot tackled Sona and Soraka in League of Legends Patch 10.4.

The traditional enchanter support champions had infuriated the top lane and were causing mayhem in solo queue and competitive play. Today, they’ve received yet more changes in a hotfix.

Soraka had an astonishing 56.74 percent win rate in the previous patch and was well overdue a nerf. She featured prominently in competitive, with her healing extensive kit proving almost impossible to counter. 

Some hotfixes coming today for 10.4 to make sure everything ends up as intended. We expect to sometimes have to follow up on changes and want to react quickly.

-Immolate mechanic slightly too strong
-Soraka top nerfed correctly, support too weak
-Sona top still too strong

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