Riot Lutzberg says more art of the Volibear redesign will be shown in the roadmap later this month

After some art of the proposed Volibear redesign was shown in Riot Games’ latest season 10 teaser earlier today, champion designer Nathan “Lutzburg” Lutz has reassured players that more Volibear art will be unveiled when the next champion roadmap is released later this month.

Lutzburg also gave some context on the concept art that fans saw, saying that “this type of art is used to help the animators, modelers and riggers understand body proportions” and that it isn’t supposed to look that great from the angles it was shown in. The image where Volibear is on all fours, for example, looked funny to some, but Lutzburg said that the run animation is much more “badass.”

Nathan Lutz on Twitter

Some context on the latest Volibear concept art-

Many people had varying opinions on the redesign of the thunder god. Some said that his new primal look was cool and made him seem a lot more intimidating, while others weren’t a fan of the lack of armor on his head and chest, as well as the braids.

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