Riot says it hasn’t changed League’s ranked system to combat smurfing

Riot Games Support tweeted out that the League of Legends ranked climb was adjusted to “take a lot longer” because “smurfing ruins the game.” But it turns out that was wrong.

League lead producer of gameplay Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee clarified the matchmaking controversy today, quelling the fire on a couple of Reddit posts. While frustrated fans were led to believe the ranked climb had slowed down to deter smurfing, Brightmoon explained that isn’t the case. Lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter echoed those sentiments in a tweet.

“Sorry to jump into this thread 8 hours late, but I wanted to clarify: we did not change the climb and we are not using the climb to combat smurfing,” Brightmoon commented on a Reddit post. “The tweet from player support was incorrect on all of these points and they will be putting out a clarification on that. Sorry for the confusion.”

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