Riot to release temporary game modes for every major League event in 2020

Riot Games is putting an end to League’s rotating game mode dry spell. Every major League of Legends in-game event throughout the year will launch alongside a temporary game mode, the developer announced in an update today.

“Last year, you told us that you wanted unique ways to play for every major event,” League’s lead producer on game play Jeremy “Riot Brightmoon” Lee said. “We agree. And this year we’re committed to providing exciting, temporary game modes alongside every major event, starting with AR URF during Mecha Kingdoms.”

All preseason changes to Summoner’s Rift included in the Rise of the Elements update, such as Dragon Souls and Elemental Rifts, will be featured in ARURF when the game mode arrives on the live servers later in the month. Although Riot has yet to provide fans with a release date for the Mecha Kingdoms event, League’s new robotic-themed skins are set to release on Jan. 15.

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