Rogue finds success in EU division of the Rainbow Sx Pro League

Fans of the Rainbow Six Pro League are undoubtedly familiar with Rogue, but the organization has shifted away from North America into the European division. 

Rogue picked up one of the better rosters in the region. The former Giants Gaming lineup found themselves in the season 10 Tokoname, Japan Finals after earning a strong 9-2-3 record. While Giants took an early loss to Aerowolf, the squad still showed much promise in season 11. The new Rogue roster’s 7-5 matchday one victory over Chaos Esports Club today gives the org a solid start in the European division, but there were clearly some speed bumps along the road. 

Rainbow Six Esports on Twitter

Welcome to the EU #R6PL! @Rogue walk away with an impressive win over @ChaosEC.

Considering Chaos’ sixth-place finish in season 10, Rogue winning out over Chaos isn’t a very impressive feat. It isn’t that Chaos are a “bad” team at all, but they do have a considerable amount of difficulty keeping their heads above water and often serve as a wildcard in any matchup. In any case, the org find themselves with a win rather than a draw, which is more than can be said of the former Rogue roster at the onset of last season. 

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