Sneaky believes players complain about Aphelios because they “don’t know” what he does

League of Legends’ newest marksman continues to be a contentious subject in the community. And now, legendary AD carry Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi has weighed in on the topic.

The former pro addressed Aphelios’ alleged overpowered kit during his Twitch broadcast last night, explaining that players only complain about the Weapon of the Faithful because they “don’t know” what the champion does.


Clip of sneakylol Playing League of Legends – Clipped by Sefrit_

“My whole point is that I think everyone doesn’t even know what they’re complaining about when they complain about Aphelios,” Sneaky said. “I haven’t even seen anyone talk about any of his problems. They’re just like ‘I don’t know what the champion does… I’m high elo and I don’t even know what it does.’”

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