Speaker of the Heavens proclaims in MTG Core Set 2021 spoilers

In Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2021 spoilers, Speaker of the Heavens is a Rare one-drop featured for the first time. It is a 1/1 Human Cleric Creature with vigilance and lifelink that you cast for 1 white mana. You can tap this creature in order to create a 4/4 Angel Creature Token with flying. You can use this effect only when your life total is at least 7 higher than your starting life total.

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      Heavenly in Standard

      Speaker of the Heavens is an excellent card. For a 1-drop it just does so much. It is a great addition to any White Weenie deck, giving some early pressure and potentially becoming a huge threat churning out 4/4 flyers. It is fragile and has no protection, but after all, it is a 1 drop. This card, along with the support that white has been getting lately, might signal a new age for White Weenie.

      Speaker of the Heavens in other formats

      Speaker of the Heavens just might have a home in Modern, potentially being played in “Soul Sisters” decks. In Legacy, it might find a home in lower power-level play, but I doubt we will be seeing Speaker of the Heavens topping tournaments any time soon.

      In Commander, it is easy to think of a few decks that can use this card efficiently like Oloro, the Ageless Ascetic; Heliod, Sun-Crowned; and Licia, Sanguine Tribune. It has everything you want from a  1-drop. It’s useful in the early game, being able to give you a small amount of advantage, which it can later turn into even more value.

      In Limited, this card is a mixed bag. If you have a superfluous amount of life-gain among your cards — Mangara, the Diplomat, for example — Speaker of the Heavens is a card that you want to use. It is fine as a standalone card, but only if you are desperate for playables.

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