Swifte dramatically withdraws from Twitch Rivals during draft

Challenger support player Johnny “Swifte” Ngo has backed out of the upcoming Twitch Rivals League of Legends tournament after being drafted by streamer and team captain Tim “Trick2G” Foley to support a Diamond 4 ADC. 

The drama unfolded during the tournament’s draft process, where captains pick players from a pool to join their five-man squads. Trick2G selected Swifte to join his team, but not long after, the captain also added one of his friends, Horsey, into the ADC role. Horsey is ranked as a Diamond IV player on the North American ranked ladder and that didn’t seem adequate to Swifte, who immediately tweeted that he was withdrawing from the tournament.

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Despite being posited as a “for fun” tournament, Swifte refused to play in Twitch Rivals with Horsey as his lane partner. Trick2G was forced to pick another player in the draft as this drama unfolded, while the rest of the teams were busy selecting players.

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