T1 signs Black^ and inYourdreaM as part of its ESL One Los Angeles Major qualifying squad

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T1 joined the competitive Dota 2 scene during The International 2019 by signing Lee “Forev” Sang-don to its roster. But the team has already gone through two different iterations without making a single Dota Pro Circuit event. 

The organization wasn’t going to settle for not being among the best in Southeast Asia, however. T1 has signed four completely new players to come in and play alongside Forev for the ESL One Los Angeles Major qualifiers.

Just like the last two times the organization has signed more players, there’s been no official statement from T1, but the details have all been provided by Valve’s official Major and Minor team registry. Depending on how the upcoming qualifiers go, a statement might be made, but so far the team has remained silent on all matters regarding Dota 2

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