Take A Look At TSM’s New $50 Million Gaming Facility

TSM is getting a $50 million gaming facility that looks like it’ll be pretty sweet.

TSM is one of the biggest names in esports, and it’s only fitting that they’d get one of the biggest gaming centers in all of esports. They’re making a huge facility in California to the tune of $50 million, and we get a sneak peek of what it’ll look like in TSM’s latest video.

Hosted by Fortnite team captain Myth and TSM president Leena Xu, TSM says the new facility will be the “largest esports center ever created in North America.” Once finished, it’ll be 25,000 square feet of pretty much everything that a gamer could ever want.

Naturally, there will be a huge closed theatre where teams can host games, but also bleachers surrounding it so that they can host launch parties and esports events. Plentiful office space allows TSM to host meetings, seminars, private coaching, or anything else they might need a room for.

Players can have their private rooms for some alone time, but they also have access to a wellness center with nap pods as well as a fitness center for staying in shape. Upstairs includes a lounge, a cafe, and a huge green screen room for more creative endeavors.

The facility is still under construction, but TSM hopes to have things wrapped up by June (provided the coronavirus lockdown ends).

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