Tales Of Festival Celebrates Rescheduled March Event With New Trailer

Bandai Namco’s yearly Tales of celebration is a little off schedule, as the 2020 event was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tales of Festival 2020 will now take place on March 6 and 7 of this year, so don’t be fooled by the confusing name. Bandai Namco has also dropped a new trailer to celebrate its festival and the series 25th anniversary.

The Tales of Festival missed its original date by a whole year, but the show will go on at Yokohama Arena soon. The celebration of all things tales includes appearances from actors for beloved Tales of series characters, interviews, exclusive merchandise, and fun fan activities. The festival is typically an in-person affair, but this year Bandai Namco is offering an online viewing option for those who want to stay home.

This year’s event will offer multiple angles from the cameras in an attempt to make up for the online component. Bandai Namco held a similar event with the Tales of orchestra last year. 2020’s festival will host special skits with main heroes from iconic entries to the series, and Bandai Namco has even revealed a few pieces of exclusive merchandise for the showcase.  You can check out the latest trailer here:

The main thing likely on the minds of all fans though is learning more about the delayed Tales of Arise. We saw the game pop up in December, but like plenty of other games, the title has been unfortunately delayed due to growing safety concerns around working through the pandemic.

With the confirmation from the Tales Series producer Yusuke Tomizawa that we can expect wonderful news in 2021, it’s fair to expect some sort of mention of the title this year. The previous Tales of Festival in 2019 also hosted an update for Tales of Arise, as the event has often been used as a place for series updates just as much as it has been a celebration in nostalgia.

Unfortunately, the Tales of Festival 2020 event is for Japanese audiences only with ticket sales available via the Asobi Premium Store, but fans around the world can still anticipate trailers and updates on the next big Tales of title.

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