TEPPEN reveals Tour Points system, Online Region Cup, and when the new expansion will be shown

Capcom and GungHo are preparing for the next year of competitive TEPPEN. The companies have added a Tour Points system for each ranked season, an Online Region Cup, and said when the next expansion will be revealed for the game. 

Instead of just relying on qualifiers for the 2020 TEPPEN World Championship, there will now be points awarded to the top 5,000 players, otherwise known as Champion Rank, through the Ranked Match rewards.

This new Tour Point system opens the door for more players to have a greater chance of making the World Championship off of a bigger sample size rather than just playing well in a single tournament. That change should make the overall level of competition a lot higher since it will promote player growth throughout the multiple ranked seasons. 

Here’s the breakdown for the amount of Tour Points given to each player in Champion Rank. 

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