The FURIA Esports roster is released from the organization

FURIA Esports coach, Filipe ‘Astini’ Astini has spoken out
about the roster being released from the organization, including slight drama
within and a look at what the future for the players will hold.

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing issues for every region across the world, it was clear right from the start that the Dota 2 industry would be heavily effected – especially as Majors were being cancelled very quickly. With this came the onset of online events, which are fantastic for most, except those teams in areas such as South America who already face an uphill battle with the servers. Unfortunately for FURIA Esports, this was one of the reasons which led to their roster being released from the organization.

In a TwitLonger from the team’s coach, Filipe ‘Astini’
Astini, he explains that the players were without a team house – which was not
prepared in time, even though they had performed admirable at the most recent regional
qualifiers to ESL One Los Angeles. Astini hails the squad on their dedication
and hard work in rising in the South American Dota 2 scene but in this, it
seems as though the organization is what failed the team.

As announced by Furia, our line-up is out of the organization. This was a decision from their side but was inevitable, if you follow us you probably aware that I have stated plenty of times that we cannot play online tournaments being remote due to internet conditions from our team. Unfortunately, our team house didn’t get ready in time, even with our long stay in the team. I believe the organization is made by good people but has grown way too much and Dota 2 has lost its priority within. With all the tournaments becoming online and without the proper structure playing the tournaments got unbearable.”

Astini adds that this current global climate is no reason to stop making investments, especially when the same investments were not being made prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. For the Brazilian squad, they will move forward under the banner of Midas Club for the foreseeable future – looking for a sponsor once the pandemic fades away.

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