The LGD.International roster is revealed

We have known for some time now that LGD.International has been on the horizon with countless rumours as to who would be on this fresh iteration of the squad – and now all has been revealed.

Talks of have been ongoing for the past few months and just last night the roster was confirmed via the Dota 2 Major and Minor registration page. The new roster will feature five players from Southeast Asia and attempt to battle through the perils of the region at qualifiers too.

  • Christian ‘Skadi’ John Abasolo
  • Wang ‘Gy’ Kok Guan
  • Rick Lee ‘darly’ Ryc Kee
  • Yuri ‘Yowe’ Dave Pacaña
  • Pang ‘BrayaNt`’ Jian Zhe

Skadi, formerly Skadilicious, is a player that has been a
part of SEA teams for just over a year, having played for both Neon Esports and
more recently, Lowkey Esports. While on Neon, the player did see some local
success, it has not led him to any Majors or Minors in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit.
Yowe has only been on the Dota 2 scene since late in 2019, having also played
at Lowkey Esports alongside the likes of Sam ‘Sam H’ Hidalgo for a brief period.

While little is known of darly, BrayaNt has been a part of
the Dota 2 scene for some time, having played for teams such as Geek Fam and
CDEC Avenger. We expect to see this team in action in just over a week when the
open qualifiers for ESL One Los Angeles begin but it is unclear whether or not
they will have a shot at making it into the Major or Minor. With the likes of
Cloud9 also entering the SEA region, it will be a fierce battle to the top for
all involved.

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