Theros: Beyond Death best and worst Gold and Colorless commons and uncommons for Limited

Theros: Beyond Death is about to come out for Magic: the Gathering fans and players. With a new Limited format bearing down on us, it’s time to check out the best (and worst) Gold and Colorless cards for Limited in the new set.

The signpost uncommons

All 10 uncommon gold cards are well worth their place in your deck, assuming you’re already in those colors. They play directly into the ten Limited archetypes that the set is designed around, and many are some of the most powerful cards outside of rare and mythic rarities (and some are even more powerful than a majority of those).

Eutropia the Twice-Favored, Mischievous Chimera, and Acolyte of Affliction stand out as the best among this group. Eutropia turns each enchantment you play into a combat enabler and win condition. Mischievous Chimera is a cheap beater that puts in work on your opponent’s turn. And, rounding out the trio, Acolyte of Affliction is a great play early or late in the game, filling up your graveyard and returning something great back to your hand.

Entrancing Lyre

Entrancing Lyre is a neat form of removal that gets better as the game goes longer. This can lock down your opponent’s best creature. Then, if something better comes out, you can take a turn to swap out the Lyre’s target. Take note that the turn you make this swap is an attack opportunity, as two of their creatures will be tapped down.

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