Three Legends of Runeterra decks that hit Rank #1 Master

The race for the #1 Master rank in Legends of Runeterra, the highest peak of the game, has been going on for days now. With more and more players achieving the Master rank, it became more a question of who will triumph on top of them all, rather than just achieving the rank.

Over the weekend, three different players reported they’ve claimed #1 Master rank and did it with three different decks — one aggro, one midrange, and one control.

These are three LoR decks that, if played correctly, will skyrocket you high up the ladder.

JonesAF’s S/D Dawnspiders

For weeks, the two main aggro archetypes in LoR have been Spiders and Mistwraiths and the original aggro deck — Swim’s Dawnspiders — went forgotten.

Over the weekend, however, EU Master player JonesAF had an epiphany: what if one combined Mistwraiths and Spiders, go back to the Shadow/Demacia regions, and include a few copies of Dawnspeakers, the namesake card of the Dawnspiders?

The result was a rise to Rank #1 Master. The deck plays out exactly as you’d expect: you start with Elise Spiders in the early game and start the pressure, transition into Mistwraiths right after that, and finish off with Rhasa and Ledros if the enemy is still standing. The deck trades the blind aggression of the S/N Spiders for the board-wide buffs from Dawnspeakers and the Challenger mechanic on Laurent Protege and Fleetfeather Tracker. Strong Demacian buffs like Back to Back are there to turn the silly little 1/1s into champion-killing machines.

Xixo’s Frostbite control

Together with the Fiora/Karma control, this is probably the best LoR control deck right now. Xixo was JonesAF’s Rank #1 Master rival this weekend, and hit the top spot with this Ashe Frostbite list.

This is a tricky deck to master at first, as you have to know when and what exactly you should Frostbite so you take minimal amount of damage. The deck eventually wins as a leveled up Ashe hits the board and starts freezing the defending board.

The deck’s complexity further rises by the fact that your spells don’t outright kill the enemy — they merely nullify its attacks. Controlling the board comes from efficient trades, as you challenge 0-attack minions into your Trifarian Gloryseekers and Rimefang Wolfs, or find favorable block trades. When mastered, however, this LoR control deck will give you plenty of wins and will infuriate your opponents to no end.

Astrogation’s Mono-colored Mistwraiths

The original Mistwraiths build by Navi00T combined Shadow Isles with Ionia, but the Ionia part was just a gentle splash, mostly for Deny. Of the 40 cards, it played 35 Shadow Isles cards, making it basically a mono-colored deck.

Therefore, NA Master #1 player Astrogation figured that he could easily cut out the Ionia part. Why? Because one of the core cards of the deck, Wraithcaller, triggers its ability on Allegiance (meaning the top card of the deck has to be a Shadow Isles card) and having even a few Ionia cards might mess up the effect.

As a result, Astrogation removes the 2x Deny and 3x Shadow Assassin, adds an extra Rhasa, stacks up on Vengeance and adds a third copy of Mark of the Isles and Black Spear for even more removal. The list shot him to #1 Master and soon after other players broke into the Master rank with this list as well.

The mono-colored Mistwraiths is a relatively new trend but if it continues, the S/I variation might just become a thing of the past.

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