Three of EG are a part of the 10K MMR Club

10,000 Matchmaking Rating (MMR) has been an epic achievement for some time in Dota 2 and even after re-calibrations, resets and reworked systems, players have still been reaching the massive milestone.

There are only a handful of players that have reached this milestone over the years, some have done so in multiple seasons, while others have only managed it in more recent times. Either way, while having the highest MMR in the world or in your region is a gigantic achievement, it has nothing else linked to it beyond praise and acclaim from the Dota 2 community. That said, it has not stopped a few players from becoming the best and writing their names in the hall of fame.


Abed Azel ‘Abed’ L. Yusop is a prolific Southeast Asian
player who many remember from his time with Fnatic. At the time which he played
alongside FNC, the team were considered one of the best, if not the best team
in the SEA region. While that has changed in more recent times, Abed remains a
force to be reckoned with, now playing for the North American giants, Evil
Geniuses. All that aside, Abed was the first player ever in the world to break
the 10k MMR barrier all the way back in 2017 as he powered his way through to
the top – beating the likes of Amer ‘Miracle’ Al-Barkawi and many others as

While the MM rankings have reset a few times since then, it
was last year that Abed reached the 10k milestone once again, still in the SEA
region. While MMR has reset again since this feat, Abed still remains in the
top five of SEA, even though he has not reached 10k again.


Yeik ‘MidOne’ Nai Zheng became the second person ever to
reach the 10k MMR mark, showing off the SEA region to the world once again.
However, MidOne’s feat was reached on the European servers as he played and
dominated alongside Team Secret during this time and all the way up until
December of 2019.

Since leaving Team Secret, MidOne had a short spell back in
SEA with SEAmonkeys but after failing to reach the DreamLeague Season 13 Major,
he took up a spot on OG, who we have yet to really see perform apart from qualifiers
for ESL One Los Angeles, which has since been unfortunately postponed.


Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev could be one of everyone’s favourite
players in Dota 2 at any given time. Having played alongside someone of the
best,Artour himself has become one of the best, bouncing between Team Secret
and EG for many years and even playing for Team Canada at WESG. Arteezy became
the third player ever to reach the 10k MMR milestone back in 2017, following in
the footsteps of Abed – who now plays alongside him at EG.

While his streams are few and far between now days, Arteezy
still remains at number six on the NA leaderboards at time of writing and is
still considered one of the best players in Dota 2.


Shortly before the MMR reset in 2017, a fourth player joined
the elite league of 10k MMR players, Roman ‘RAMZES666’ Kushnarev. At merely 18
years of age, Ramzes was an amazing player in the CIS region, playing at teams
such as Team Empire, Team Spirit and the well-known – and helping
the latter to some magnificent placements in many different events.

While VP have seen a massive change in their team, with
Ramzes now playing alongside EG – with two other members of the 10k club, the
player remains quite high on the leaderboards for Europe, with the top 15 still
sporting his name.


Moving onto more recent times, after a massive gap where relatively
nobody reached the milestone came another player out of the SEA region, Marc
Polo Luis ‘Raven’ Fausto. In one of the best ways to start the year, Raven was
able to become the first player in over two years to join the 10k club and
become the top player in the SEA region too. After the MMR system was changed
heavily back in 2017 which meant that many players at the top of the rating
gained far less MMR, Raven was able to still attain this glorious achievement.

Having played alongside what is considered now as possibly
the best team in SEA, TNC Predator, Raven departed the squad in 2018, moving to
Lotac for a short time, before settling in at Geek Fam. While it does seem as
though the player has fallen off the top spot since reaching the milestone, it
certainly does not take away from his amazing skill and brilliant achievement.


You would never expect that a region that was basically
overlooked for such a long period in Dota 2 could produce such a large number
of players in the 10k club, but the sixth spot was picked up by another SEA
player. Rafil Fathur ‘Mikoto’ Rahman became the fourth player from the region
to reach 10k toward the end of February 2020 and the very first Indonesian to
do so as well.

Having only been in the Dota 2 scene for a few years and
playing mainly only Minors so far alongside BOOM Esports, Mikoto is definitely
going to be a player to watch as he rises through the SEA region, especially
since he is currently the number one player in the region.


Aliwi ‘w33’ Omar is another player that everyone knows and
is generally loved in the Dota 2 community, having played alongside a plethora
of big-name teams including Team Secret, Digital Chaos, paiN Gaming and now Nigma
(ex-Team Liquid). Having finished second at two TI events with two different teams,
w33 has remained a proficient player and in the spate of 10k MMR players in the
last few months, he managed to reach the milestone too.

Alongside reaching 10k, w33 is also the top player in Europe
at the time of writing and even though Nigma have not looked at their strongest
lately, the player remains one of the best in the world.


Even though the next player to join the 10k club plays for a
Chinese team, he is another young SEA one, who only recently made the move over
to EHOME. Cheng ‘NothingToSay’ Jin Xiang is a Malaysian player who has played
alongside WarriorsGaming.Unity, Power of MYSG+AU, Geek Fam and Alpha x Hashtag,
before moving over to EHOME late in 2019. Only three days ago it was announced
via EHOME’s Twitter page that the player had made his way through to 10k.

While it seemed as though many players were suddenly
reaching the high echelons of MMR, it takes nothing away from his achievement,
especially as the top 10 of 10k MMR players is quickly filling up.


Armel Paul ‘Armel’ Tabios is the ninth and currently final
player at time of writing to gain access into the 10k club. Having reached the
milestone shortly after NothingToSay, Armel is the sixth SEA player out of
nine. Having played with Clutch Gamers for some time a while ago, Armel really
begun to make a name for himself upon joining TNC Predator in 2018. Since then
the player has gone from strength to strength, taking the team with him – with their
crowning achievement being their victory MDL Chengdu in late 2019.

The Philippines player has no lack of experience and is recognized quite easily as one of the best mid lane players, even though TNC have fallen off quite a bit in the current meta. That said, Armel remains in the top three on SEA’s leaderboard, with Mikoto and NothingToSay being the only two players currently ahead of him.

Even though 10k MMR seems to be very attainable currently,
with a sudden burst of players reaching the milestone, it is still one of the
biggest achievements in Dota 2, apart from having your name engraved on the
Aegis of Champions and winning a Major. While some players on the list may have
done one or the other, their names will still be remembered for being some of
the first to ever reach the 10,000 Matchmaking Ranking mark.

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