Three SEA teams remain at OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division

OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division had reached its
penultimate day of Dota 2 action with the upper bracket finals and an
elimination in the lower bracket seen as only three teams now remain in the

While EHOME.Immortal had made a huge resurgence since their
poor group stage performance at OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division – beating Adroit
Esports, DeMonster and For The Dream as they progressed in the play-in stage
and lower brack, they could not survive today. As the final Chinese team remaining
in the event, EHOME.Immortal were run over by another team who did not have a great
showing in the group stage. Having already marched over Team Blaze, Reality
Rift and Aster.Aries, Execration added another take-down to their list as they
demolished EHOME.Immortal early in the day.

In a best-of-three series between the two teams, it took
only two games of 27-minutes each for Execration to earn their spot in the top
three of the event and make their way into the lower bracket finals. With Jinn
Marrey ‘Palos’ P. Lamatao only suffering two deaths over the entire series and
claiming 20 kills, XctN marched forward, leaving only Southeast Asian teams in
the event.

Following the lower bracket series, we looked to the upper
bracket finals which saw Neon Esports taking on 496 Gaming, with the former now
being the last remaining directly invited team in the event. When the two teams
met in the group stages, it was 496 who managed to secure a 2-1 victory and were
currently unbeaten in a series yet. The first game showed exactly why this was
the case as they demolished Neon in just 22-minutes, leaving their opponent to
rethink their strategy for the next game. Neon rose to the occasion well, and
although 496 did put up a good fight, the series would be tied at 1-1 with a decisive
game three on the way.

The final game of the series would not be completely
one-sided like the rest, as neither team were ready to give up a guaranteed top
two finish and the first spot in the grand finals. Things bounced
back-and-forth as they both found great fights, but it was just prior to the
half hour mark when 496 made an amazing play to break the game wide open. Off
this they managed to take a top lane of barracks which was quickly followed by
the other two lanes to claim mega creeps and force out the GG call.

With that 496 complete a second 2-1 victory over Neon at
OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division and move themselves into the grand final.
For Neon, the tournament is not over yet as they will still have a chance to
get some revenge if they can take down Execration in the lower bracket final

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