TI10 Battle Pass release date, VALORANT launch, Artifact 2.0… and more esports stories from the week

Did you miss anything from the last week in esports? Have you been trembling with anticipation of the TI10 Battle Pass, that you blacked out everything else in esports? VPEsports’ Stories from the Week brings you all the biggest headlines you might have missed.

TI10 Battle Pass is coming this week

Yes, yes, it’s finally happening. TI10 might not happen until 2021, but the Battle Pass is just around the corner, according to Valve.

This more or less aligns the release of TI10 Battle Pass with the timeline of previous Battle Passes, which all arrived in May, albeit not as late. And if the official Dota 2 Twitter is to be believed, the Battle Pass will arrive… today.

Team Secret continue 100% win streak and championship run

Online esports is known for its inconsistency, but one team has managed to break it. Team Secret are arguably the best Dota 2 team right now, maintaining a sick series and tournament win streak.

Team Secret are on a 20-0 game win streak, after a 3-0 against Team Liquid in the OGA Pit Grand Finals and another 2-0 against Liquid in the opening game of ESL One Birmingham Online. They’ve won the last three tournaments they’ve played in and look as the major favorites to go for a fourth one at ESL One Birmingham.

Olofmeister takes a break from CS:GO

Where all is good in the world of Dota 2, CS:GO had to see several players announce long breaks from the game. FaZe Clan’s Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer stepped down from the roster indefinitely on Sunday, citing loss of motivation.

“I still love the game and the scene but I need to regain my motivation,” wrote Olofmeister, who still doesn’t have an official replacement on FaZe’s roster.

Gla1ve to take a three-months break from CS:GO

Astralis suffered an arguably bigger loss after long-time in-game leader Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander said he’ll step down from competitive CS:GO for three months to look after his health.

“For a longer period of time I have had symptoms of stress and burnout. My teammates and the Astralis organization have tried many different things to help me out and overcome this. As it’s still going on, my doctor and I have decided that I need a break, and yesterday I have given a sick note to Astralis,” writes gla1ve.

Astralis should be in full force in time for the Rio Major, but the team is already looking much weaker without their seasoned IGL.

VALORANT launches June 2

Riot Games’ tactical FPS VALORANT is officially coming out of beta next month. On May 28, the closed beta servers will be taken down and one week later, on June 2, the game will officially launch — fully open and free to play by anyone.

For the launch, Riot promise server latency updates, as well as new maps, agents, skins, and game modes, but did not give a timeline for any of those.

FaZe, NRG looking to buy into the LCK

Korea’s LCK is one of the best regions in League of Legends, so naturally, a lot of teams are fighting for the chance to be accepted in the new partnership program launching next year. According to reports, even major western teams like FaZe Clan, NRG Esports, and Pittsburgh Knights, have submitted letters of intent to league officials.

This doesn’t mean that these orgs will be accepted in — simply that they’ve provided the initial rounds of documents. Between June and September, the LCK will assess applicants and announce the selected partners this fall.

Artifact 2.0 beta footage shows new game mode

Artifact 2.0 beta is coming and some early beta footage showed how the game looks like at the moment (yes, with the meme hero images included). A short video showcases the new game mode, Hero Draft, as well as the major gameplay changes: more transparent hero deployment, simultaneous action on all lanes, the updated shopping phase, and more.

The game does look better than its predecessor already but time will tell it will live for longer.


Artifact 2.0 beta begins this week

Speaking of Artifact 2.0, the closed beta invites will roll out this week, prioritizing players who’ve purchase the game before March 30, 2020, Valve confirmed.

A sign-up process is already available on the official website. Those players who don’t manage to get it will get another chance with an open beta later this year. Valve admitted that having a too closed and too short beta phase was one of the issues of the original Artifact and want to fix this this time around.

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