Twitch reportedly falls short of advertising revenue goals

Twitch has made numerous changes to the way it handles advertising in the past two years, but the streaming platform is apparently failing to meet internal revenue goals, according to a report by The Information. 

In 2018, Twitch reportedly posted ad revenue of $230 million. And while revenue for 2019 was projected to be $300 million, the figures fell short of the company’s $500 to 600 million goal. 

This news comes in the same year that Twitch announced multiple changes to its ad revenue strategy that gave content creators more control over advertisements on their stream, as well as giving those with “affiliate” status a share of ad revenue. 

Prior to this year, any time someone joined a stream, they were exposed to an advertisement before they could begin viewing the channel. But at TwitchCon this year, the company announced that influencers now had the option to disable this feature. 

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