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Valorant fans got another message from the dev team today, and this time it was from the team behind making the Agents. Once again, they give us a sneak peek about the future of Valorant, specifically about the upcoming Agent 14.

Here’s what the dev team had to say, along with what we learned about the upcoming Agent.

Agent 14 will be a duelist

The one major spoiler that stood out was where they said “we’ll kick off the new year with a duelist (with a special dedication to the game’s stalkers).” This is a dead giveaway that the next Agent will be another duelist.

There are currently four duelists in the game: Jett, Pheonix, Reyna, and Raze. The duelist class aims to be aggressive and take one on one fights with opponents. As their class name suggests, their abilities help them excel at dueling.

So far, we suspect that Agent 14 will have some form of stealth ability. We already saw what could be an Easter egg of the Agent roaming on Icebox while invisible. Riot further confirms this theory with their comment about stalkers.

As a duelist, we can expect that Agent 14 will have combat abilities along with his stealth. Each duelist has a unique way of winning trades. Raze has her damaging explosives, Jett has the mobility to help her position, Reyna has her blind and sustain, and Pheonix has his blinds and utility.

Stealth seems like something that is inevitable in a shooter with different characters. Both Overwatch and Apex Legends have options for stealth, and it looks like Valorant will be getting its own option soon. Hopefully, it won’t be too oppressive!

We can expect to see Agent 14 sometime in mid-January when the next Episode and Act officially begin. Until then, stay tuned for more news and information about changes coming to the game!

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