Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch sign-ups now open

Collegiate esports are on the rise, and on Tuesday Feb. 9, signups go live for the biggest collegiate esports event for Valorant. This is of course, the Red Bull Campus Clutch, now open in the United States for Valorant players.

The Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament will feature students from Universities across the world showcasing their Valorant skills. In the United States, players must form a team of five over-18 players from the same University to compete. The qualifying stage of the tournament will run from March 5 to April 18.

The Campus Clutch takes place over five separate phases: the University Qualifiers, the Regional Semi-finals, the National Wild Card Qualifiers, the National Finals, and the World Finals. During the World Finals, top University teams from different regions will face off for the chance to win $24,000. A chance to watch the Valorant Champions Tour Master’s event live, is also up for grabs.

“We’re incredibly excited to see Red Bull establish and help support Valorant in the collegiate and amateur space,” Riot Director of Esports, Chris Greeley, said in a press release. “Our collective investment in amateur talent, both in what’s to come from Riot and through Red Bull’s commitment, is important for the future of esports and I’m looking forward to seeing which team will represent the U.S. in the world finals.”

Making a name for yourself

This collegiate tournament also provides an opportunity for players to get their name out there. Top players and teams will get a chance to showcase their skills on an international stage, and it’s a great place to get started.

To sign up, visit the Red Bull Campus Clutch official website. Players who don’t have four teammates can also sign up to look for other teammates for the event. The website contains regional information on dates, times, and locations for the qualifying stage of the tournament. It’s worth a look if you’re interested in giving the Red Bull Campus Clutch a whirl.

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