VALORANT "soulbans" could remove access to League of Legends & Legends of Runeterra as well

People deciding to cheat in Riot Games’ new first-person shooter VALORANT may be banned across the board from Riot titles. Want to keep playing League of Legends or Legends of Runeterra? Better play legit, even in VALORANT.

It’s been no hidden agenda that Riot aims to make VALORANT extremely unfriendly and unwelcoming to cheaters as the company has touted its plans to actively attack hackers in new ways and target developers with legal action.

To further dissuade those from cheating, they have implemented “soulbans.” A recent tweet from Phillip Koskinas, a member of the anti-cheat team behind VALORANT stated that “if you’ve cheated before, all your past, present, and future accounts will also be suspended.”

It may not be for life, however, as he went on to explain that some accounts may get a second chance when the game releases. “Some spirits will be released when the game is, allowing you to try once more on a new account, but this is the absolute limit of our mercy.”

A follow-up question regarding whether the soulbanned accounts would still be able to access Riot’s other popular titles drew out a response. Koskinas stated that “Suspensions are currently game-specific, though this policy could change at any time, for any reason.”

This would be a big step for Riot in terms of adding extra punishment to those deciding to wield cheats in VALORANT or any of their titles.

With over 10,000 cheaters already banned during the closed beta of VALORANT, it seems there’s still a long way to go in making the game safe from those looking to hack their way to victory.

It’s also expected that a feature similar to that of CS:GO’s Overwatch system will be coming to VALORANT, allowing for some players to review footage to decide if a player is hacking or not.

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