VSPN CEO Dino Ying Reveals Plans to Build Esports Gen-Z Offline Zone, ‘Hero INS’ in Shanghai – The Esports Observer

On Friday, Chinese esports solutions provider VSPN CEO Dino Ying gave a speech on the main stage of the Tencent Esports Global Summit, and revealed that the company has a plan to build an offline zone “Hero INS” for Generation Z gamers and esports enthusiasts in Shanghai. The Gen-Z zone will not only include esports contents but also other entertainment areas, including electronic music, live streaming, performances, and food. 

Earlier this month,  VSPN closed a multi-million USD Series B2 funding round, led by Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia. VSPN also owns and operates branded esports venues in Chengdu, Xi’an, Shanghai, and Seoul. It’s more likely that if the Gen-Z zone project has good feedback in Shanghai, VSPN will continue to build more zones in additional Chinese cities. VSPN confirmed this to The Esports Observer.

Objectively, after VSPN acquired Chinese production company Banana Gaming & Media and multi-channel network Famulei, it also acquired a number of influencers, streamers, and on-screen esports talent, and it has the capability to expand its business to more entertainment areas like music and performances. 

Ying pointed at the summit that VSPN is on a mission to build a dynamic esports ecosystem and to break rules from the tradition. Ying also mentioned that the concept of the extended and expanded business will be added into its upcoming esports matrix VSPN+.

“This is just the beginning,” Ying said. “The new business will focus on esports talent agency, esports content creation, film and TV development, content marketing, and game advertising.”

In addition, VSPN also showcased the bluebook of esports tournament operation at its booth alongside the main stage. VSPN told TEO that the book was edited by its COO Gavin Zheng, covering the production process in around 500 pages. 

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