Was the Akali rework a failure?

It’s been two years since Akali’s rework happened. She’s been problematic since then for multiple reasons: powerful ratios, overloaded kit, no glaring weaknesses. Even before she was released on the live servers, League of Legends pros foresaw the problems that were going to arise with her rework.

Riot Games’ designer Bradford “CertainlyT” Wenban received a lot of backlash from this rework. It generated a lot of frustration in the community because the champion was so overturned that it was close to impossible to play an immobile champion against her.

CertainlyT was in charge of multiple champion designs that are despised by the community, such as Yasuo, Kalista, Zoe, and Aphelios. When the community found out that he was in charge of the Akali rework, the initial feedback was quite negative. So what went wrong?

Issues with old Akali

The old version of Akali had a much simpler kit with a targeted Q, a shroud that could be revealed by pink wards, a melee range AoE spell for wave clear, and a targeted R. Due to the simplicity of the kit, she became a stat check champion. There was no expression of skill by pressing Q on your target, pressing R to dash to them, and repeating this until one of you died.

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