You can watch the Magic Arena Theros: Beyond Death Early Access streaming event now

An early glimpse of MTG Arena gameplay that includes the upcoming Theros: Beyond Death set can now be watched on Twitch for the next 22 hours. 

Set to release digitally tomorrow morning and officially on Jan. 24, the Theros: Beyond Death (THB) set is expected to turn the Standard metagame upside down. The hype surrounding the upcoming set is legitimate since Magic: The Gathering is returning to the plane of Theros with an underworld theme. Many of the streamers participating in today’s event are letting their chat pick cards to craft or submit decklists to try, too.

AliEldrazi on Twitter

Starting at 12 pm est tomorrow I’ll be doing a 12 hour stream for the Theros Early Access event. Twitch chat will get to vote for at least 3 cards to brew around. So I’ll be doing all my brews on stream! Thanks @wizards_magic! #MTGTheros

Wizards of the Coast is promoting THB with an MTG Arena Early Access Streaming Event today that will last for 22 hours and include tons of Magic streamers from around the globe. There isn’t an official list of streamers, but a quick search on Twitch will reveal dozens of content creators participating in the event. 

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