YouTuber proves you can play League of Legends with your eyes

There’s only one League of Legends player who ever had an excuse not to look at the mini-map, and it’s German YouTuber Maxim.

He played a League match using two keys and his eyes. A small device attached to his PC monitor tracked the movement of his eyeballs while he was looking at the screen, and the tracker translated this movement into a mouse pointer. After that, he had to turn on some Windows accessibility tools to be able to right and left-click.

The video he uploaded today on YouTube shows a match he played only with his eyes, and it’s proof of how bad of an idea this is.

Maxim struggled to be accurate with his vision, something he needed at all times. He spent about a minute in the base at the beginning of the match trying to buy the initial items for his Fiddlesticks and he needed a few other attempts to close the shop.

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