Fortnite Doomsday Event Start Date, Time, And Rumored Details

Epic Games is gearing up for another huge Fortnite event to mark the end of Chapter 2, Season 2. Officially called “The Device,” the upcoming finale–popularly referred to as the Doomsday live event–is still mostly a mystery, at least based on what we know officially. The Doomsday event was supposed to have already taken place, but following a delay to the start of Season 3, Epic also pushed back the event. The event, along with the start of Season 3, was then delayed once again. Here’s the full rundown on what we know about Doomsday, when it will start, how to watch or participate, and what could happen when the event actually begins.

What Is The Doomsday Live Event?

The much-rumored “Doomsday Device” that Fortnite players and leakers have been discussing for the past few weeks is at the core of this event, with some speculating that the large orb-shaped device with pipes running everywhere in Midas’s office is The Device. The introduction of the Storm the Agency challenges in the game’s latest update might suggest that Team Shadow may soon usurp Team Ghost in the Agency, which could lead to the device being triggered.

When Is The Doomsday Event?

The Doomsday live event takes place on June 15. A specific start time has not been shared; the previous date was set to take place at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET, but this latest delay shifts the event from the weekend to a weekday, so it’s unclear if that time will be adjusted. Season 3 will kick off just two days later, so you won’t have to wait too long before getting major changes to battle royale.

Epic Games says space is limited so you should show up 30 minutes beforehand, and it will only take place once. Presumably this event (officially called The Device) will coincide with an updated countdown clock reaching zero in order to add some extra tension. Because of the updated animations for swimming, it’s predicted that some of the battle royale map could be sent underwater as part of the event (and, in fact, a new Fortnite leak suggests that’s precisely the case). This would create a radically-different environment for the beginning of Season 3, assuming the changes are story-centric and semi-permanent.

Recently, Epic partnered with OnePlus to get Fortnite running at 90 frames per second on their phones, which is better than consoles like the Nintendo Switch. One thing’s for sure: based on the smash success of April’s Travis Scott event, it’s likely that this Doomsday will be even more ambitious than any we’ve seen before.

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