Fortnite: Love And War Adds New Mode And Cosmetics For A Limited-Time

Epic Games is inviting you and your favorite Fortnite squad mate into its latest limited-time event, celebrating teamwork and betrayals with a new match type and cosmetic rewards. [Update: You also now have the chance to pick up a new Harley Quinn skin from the Fortnite item shop for a limited time as a tie-in with the just-released Birds of Prey.]

Love and War, which runs until February 17 and is included in this week’s update, is highlighted by a new Search and Destroy match type. Two teams of six players will take turns both attacking and defending an area of the map over a maximum of 11 rounds, with the team that reaches six wins taking victory.

Gold is earned between rounds for enemy kills and completed objectives, and used to purchase weapons, shields, and building materials. If you’re ever played Counter-Strike, you’ll know what to expect here.

Playing matches of this new mode will progress specific Love and War challenges, which will unlock new cosmetic items during the duration of the event. These include new a new pickaxe, emotes, and more, along with new purchasable skins from Fortnite’s Item Shop.

Love and War is extending this season of Fortnite after Season 2 was recently pushed back to February 20.

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