Fortnite Sets New Records With Travis Scott Event

Fortnite’s recent Travis Scott event was a gigantic, unprecedented success for the free-to-play battle royale game. Developer Epic Games announced that more than 12.3 million people were logged into the game at the same time for the concert, which sets a new concurrent record.

To put this number into perspective, the free-to-play PC juggernaut Counter Strike: Global Offensive recently set a concurrent player record of 924,000 users. No one doubted Fortnite’s unthinkable popularity, but these new numbers for the Travis Scott concert reinforce what a behemoth the game really is in terms of scale.

The Travis Scott Astronomical event premiered on April 24, with repeat shows taking place every day thereafter until April 26. Everyone who attended any of the Astronomical events received an Astroworld Cyclone glider and two free loading screens, while a skin based on Travis Scott, including emotes and more, was available to buy in the game.

Fortnite’s Travis Scott event was not the title’s first in-game concert, as Marshmello held a concert in the game as well, while Weezer collaborated with Epic, too.

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