Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Introduces Knight Bus So Players Can Find Raids At Home

Niantic’s AR-enabled games like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite have encouraged gamers to meet up in-person for years now, but that’s not exactly possible for everyone during a global pandemic. As part of ongoing efforts to alleviate this issue, Niantic has introduced the Knight Bus to Wizards Unite.

According to the post announcing it, the Knight Bus will bring players to a special Fortress at Hogwarts Castle that functions similarly to the Fortresses that you would find just walking around. Fortresses are Wizard Unite’s equivalent of Pokemon Go’s raids, where multiple players team up to take on challenges and earn loot. Players summon the Knight Bus via a button on the game’s map, and it’s only available to those who are level 7 or above. Though it’s not currently live, the post suggests it will begin rolling out to players soon. It’s also a permanent addition to the game. “We hope this new feature will come to the aid of players and help them get back into one of their favourite aspects of the game from the safety of their homes,” a portion of the post reads.

This change follows an update for Wizards Unite that aimed to adjust some of its gameplay elements in response to the coronavirus crisis. Previously, Niantic had announced a schedule of live meet-up events for Wizards Unite, Pokemon Go, and Ingress, but it’s unlikely that those events will proceed in the current climate.

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