Pokemon Go: August Community Day Details Announced

Pokemon Go’s July Community Day may have only recently ended, but developer Niantic has already announced the first details for next month’s event–and it’s coming up very soon. August’s Community Day is set to take place next Saturday, August 3, and this time, the featured Pokemon will be Ralts, a Psychic-type originally introduced in Ruby and Sapphire.

Throughout the Community Day, Ralts will spawn in the wild much more often than normal, making the event a good opportunity to stock up on Ralts Candy. Not only will the monster be much easier to find during the Community Day, you’ll also have your first chance to capture its Shiny form in Pokemon Go.

In addition to increased spawns, each Community Day offers players a chance to secure a special event-exclusive move if you’re able to evolve the featured Pokemon into its final form by the end of the event. Interestingly, Ralts has two possible final evolutions–Gardevoir or Gallade–so it’s not yet clear if the event move will differ depending upon which form you evolve it into. Niantic typically announces each month’s Community Day move closer to the event.

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A few other bonuses will also be available during August’s Community Day. Any Lure Modules you use will last for three hours rather than their usual 30 minutes, and Pokemon Eggs will hatch at a quarter of the distance they typically require.

While each Community Day typically runs from 3-6 PM local time, August’s will take place a little later in the day to help players escape the summer heat. Like July’s event, next month’s Community Day will run from 4-7 PM local time, when the temperature outside is a little bit cooler. Niantic says the Community Day hours will return to normal once summer is over.

While August’s Community Day is still a few days away, another event is underway in Pokemon Go. Until July 29, players can capture a Pikachu wearing a straw hat as part of a One Piece collaboration event. Meanwhile, the game’s current Legendary Pokemon, Armored Mewtwo, is scheduled to leave Raid Battles on July 31. Not only does this version of the Legendary sport a different look than a regular Mewtwo, it also has different stats and is capable of learning different attacks.

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