Pokemon Go Battle League Season 2 Changes, Schedule, And New Rewards

Season 1 of Pokemon Go’s Go Battle League is coming to an end this week, and developer Niantic has shared the first details on what’s next for the online PvP mode. Season 2 kicks off this Friday, May 1, at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, and it features some new rewards and other changes.

As before, the Go Battle League’s format will rotate every few weeks. From May 1-25, battles will be contested under Great League rules; the format will then shift to the Ultra League from May 25-June 15; and the Master League will run from June 15-29.

Coinciding with the Master League will be Go Battle League’s first-ever Premier Cup. Like the Master League, there are no CP limits in the Premier Cup, although Legendary and Mythical Pokemon cannot be used. After June 29, all three leagues and the Premier Cup will be live until Season 2 ends on July 6.

A few other things will remain the same in Season 2. The walking requirement to take part in the mode has once again been removed, and you’ll still have a chance to catch Metagross and Pikachu Libre–which can only be found exclusively through the mode–as reward encounters when you hit rank 1 and rank 10, respectively.

This time around, however, there will be some new Go Battle League rewards, including new Pokemon. You’ll encounter Stunfisk starting at rank 4; Rufflet starting at rank 8; and Scraggy starting at rank 9. If you hit rank 10 during the season, you’ll earn a new avatar pose, and you’ll take home an Elite Fast TM if you close out the season at rank 7 or higher.

Niantic is making other, broader changes to PvP battles as well. You’ll now be able to initiate a battle with another player via QR codes, regardless of your friendship level or distance. You’ll also be able to send battle invites to Good Friends and Great Friends, rather than just Ultra and Best Friends. Finally, a handful of attacks have receive balance adjustments, and the Legendary Pokemon Palkia is now able to learn the move Aqua Tail.

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In other Pokemon Go news, Niantic is bringing back a handful of Legendary Pokemon to the game to celebrate the launch of Remote Raid Passes. Throughout May, the studio will also be offering special “Throwback Challenge” research questlines, which will include the arrival of some Galarian Pokemon.

Go Battle League Season 2 Schedule

Great League

  • May 1 – May 25

Ultra League

  • May 25 – June 15

Master League

  • June 15 – June 29

Premier Cup

  • June 15 – June 29

All formats

  • June 29 – July 6

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