Pokémon Go players can now battle Team Rocket leader Giovanni

Starting today, Pokémon Go players can start a series of quests that finally lead up to the big bad behind Team Rocket himself: Giovanni.

A new Special Research Task set, “Looming in the Shadows,” has unlocked for players to complete. You’ll have to take down Team Rocket grunts from occupied PokéStops to find Mysterious Components. Once you assemble six Mysterious Components, it’ll turn into a Rocket Radar, so you can track down Team Go Rocket leaders Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo.

After beating the leaders in battle, players will have a chance to catch Shadow Pokémon with “special qualities,” though what this means isn’t exactly known yet. After completing the Special Research, players will be able to track down Giovanni and even get their hands on a Legendary Shadow Pokémon, Articuno.


Pokémon Go: Looming in the Shadows Research guide

Niantic has been releasing Team Rocket content in Pokémon Go for the past few months, ranging from cosplayers “vandalizing” Pokémon Go ads in New York City to releasing cryptic broken messages. It seems like the story is finally reaching its conclusion with the release of this Special Research.

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