PUBG Update Removes New Feature To Solve Crashing Issues

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds received a hotfix recently that aimed to address ongoing performance issues with the shooter, as well as introduce new effects for blood so that your super clean sniper shots look even better in-game. And while you can update it now, you might want to wait until some stability issues are solved.

The hotfix, which went live yesterday, quickly started showing signs of issues a few hours later. Players were reporting frequent crashes, and developer PUBG Corporation confirmed it was aware of the problem. The issues were mostly resolved a few hours later, with the problems being pinned on the new blood effects introduced as part of the update.

As a result, PUGB Corp. decided to roll back the feature, in order to work on it further and not impact anyone wanting to play today. This means that the patch isn’t much more than some performance optimizations and one small gameplay fix, with no estimated time of arrival for yanked blood effects.

You can read the patch notes in full below, as well as the disclaimer about the removed features.

PUBG April 9 Maintenance Hotfix

Performance updates

  • Greatly reduced instances of hitching during gameplay. We will continue to make further optimizations where possible.

Gameplay Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where players could clip through walls/ceilings of buildings by using vaulting and ledge-grab.

  • Most instances of this exploit have been resolved, although in some uncommon situations the exploit can still be performed. We’ll keep an eye out and work on additional fixes.

Blood VFX Rollback

The original intention of the blood effect improvements was to provide similar visual effects across all color modes and enable players to get quick information during combat situations from their shots and surrounding environments.

However, we have confirmed an issue with game stability from the updated blood effect features. While we’re happy with the blood effect changes, providing smooth and stable gameplay is our number one priority. Therefore, we’ve made the hard decision to roll back the blood effects to the old effects from before Patch 5.3.

We will update you once we are ready to deploy the improved blood effects again. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this decision.

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