10 Awesome Costumes We Haven’t Gotten In Any Batman Game

The Batman Arkham saga was a beloved series that followed the brutal adventures of Batman in Gotham City as the likes of the Joker, Ras al Ghul, Bane, and Scarecrow did everything in their power to take over the city and bring down Batman. Throughout these games, particularly in City, Origins, and Knight, the players were offered an exciting assortment of Batsuits to don.

Between this, the Injustice games, Justice League: Heroes, DC Universe Online, and other Bat-inhabited videogames, players have been able to use several different Batman costumes. However, Batman has a vast wardrobe, and we are going to look at 10 Batman costumes that haven’t made it to the games yet (not counting LEGO games, as they don’t render the costumes in full).

10 Damian Wayne As Batman

The first costume for the list isn’t actually a costume that Bruce Wayne wore, and that will be true for a few of these Bat costumes, but Bruce Wayne is far from the only person to don a bat-like cowl in the DC Multiverse.

This first costume was actually the Batman costume worn by Damian Wayne, the current Robin and the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. This version of Damian first appeared in Batman #666 in a story called “Batman in Bethlehem.” It comes from a future where Bruce Wayne is killed in action, leaving Damian to take up the mantle.

9 Caveman Batman

This version of Batman comes from the aftermath of the Final Crisis story. Batman was seemingly killed by Darkseid, but, for some reason, Darkseid’s Omega Effect dislodged Batman from normal time as opposed to killing him.

Batman traveled to several different points in history that would make for good alternate costumes in a Batman game, but the best by far is this one: Batman as a Caveman. It’s absolutely fantastic.

8 Two-Face As Batman

Another non-Bruce Wayne Batman costume, this one comes from the “Battle for the Cowl” story after Batman was seemingly killed by Darkseid. Other individuals, namely Hush, Red Hood, and Two-Face became Batman imposters. Ultimately, Nightwing had to take up the Batman mantle with Damian as Robin, and the two took down the would-be Batmen.

Two-Face’s spin on the Batman costume was by far the best out of these imposters, and his color choice is appropriately buck wild.

7 Wrath/Elliot Caldwell

Elliot Caldwell was an anti-Batman who had a sort-of inverse origin of Batman. His parents were killed by police, and he swore to take up a life of crime as revenge. The violent Justice League supervillain Prometheus later mirrored this origin.

In some tellings, it was actually a young Jim Gordon that killed Caldwell’s parents; in the most recent version, it was a random corrupt cop. There are actually two Wrath costumes to choose from. The original is more Batman-esque and would be the ideal choice. The New 52 version is far busier and looks more like an anti-Iron Man.

6 (I Am The) Knight

Knight and Squire are the UK’s answer to Batman. Cyril Sheldrake was the original Squire, with his father, Percy, being the original Knight. Percy was killed, so Cyril became the new Knight and took on a new Squire, Beryl Hutchinson.

Beryl is the Knight in the post-Flashpoint DC continuity, as Cyril was killed as well. However, their costumes are more-or-less the same (and also weirdly look like Promethues’ costume and is the reason that guy isn’t on this list) and would make for a good alternative to Batman. Both Cyril and Beryl were inducted into the extended family known as Batman Incorporated.

5 Omega Batman

In a grim alternate future called Last Knight on Earth, most of the world’s heroes fall to an apocalyptic threat. A young clone of Bruce Wayne (it’s a long story) escapes out of an Arkham-like simulation put together by Alfred Pennyworth (also a long story) into this world. He scours the wasteland looking for the cause of it all to find out the ruler of this hellish world is…Batman?

Yes, Omega was the original Batman. In this world, the people of Earth turned on the Justice League and killed most of them. Batman in turn used the Anti-Life Equation to attain great power and bend the world to his will. He also wore a rad costume while doing it.

4 Owlman (Like Watchmen But Not)

Owlman is another inverse Batman originating from Earth-3, a world where the Justice League are instead the villainous group known as the Crime Syndicate. Owlman is a megalomaniac who only tolerates the other members of the Crime Syndicate to use as pawns in his greater schemes.

There’s also a heroic Owlman who lived on Prime Earth/Earth-0/Earth-1 (whatever DC is calling the mainstream DC Universe that week) who joined up with the Outsiders, an international superhero team who often works with Batman.

3 The Batman Who Laughs

In another alternate world, Batman finally snaps and kills the Joker, only to be infected by a version of the Joker Toxin emitted from the Joker’s no-longer-beating heart. This version of Batman became a twisted parody of both Batman and the Joker, dubbing himself The Batman Who Laughs.

This version was recruited by the demonic entity known as Barbatos to drag our Earth into the Dark Multiverse. After Barbatos was defeated, The Batman Who Laughs began tormenting the DC Universe from the shadows before seizing the powers of Doctor Manhattan (another long story) and trying to take control over the Multiverse from the goddess Perpetua.

2 The Dark Detective

In a near future, Batman and Bruce Wayne are seemingly killed by a tyrannical law enforcement agency called the Magistrate. This forces Batman to work further off the grid than he ever had before as the Dark Detective, as the Magistrate couldn’t be allowed to know that he was still alive.

However, old habits die hard, so Batman made a makeshift armored suit that resembles a fairly awesome Batman costume.

1 Green Lantern Batman

The final Batman costume for this list is seemingly a no-brainer: Green Lantern Batman. At one point, Green Lantern offered a ring to Batman so that he could join the Green Lantern Corps. Batman put on the ring for a second, and audiences were treated to this awesome costume design. However, Batman ultimately turned down the opportunity.

Funnily enough, Batman: Arkham City already has a variation on this in the Sinestro Corps (aka Yellow Lantern) costume, and Batman: Arkham Origins also has Black Lantern and White Lantern Batman costumes (all of which were either DLC costumes or marketed pre-orders). That considered, it’s an odd omission that none of the Arkham games have a Green Lantern Batman suit.

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