10 Best Affixes In Roboquest

Roboquest is a fast-paced, rogue-lite FPS where you venture into procedurally generated rooms full of enemies and loot for days. It recently made its console debut on Xbox Game Pass with much praise from fans and critics alike. If you want to try out a new rogue-lite with colorful graphics and a penchant for destroying robots, Roboquest is the game to try.

The weapons in the game are uniquely generated in a fashion similar to Borderlands, and sometimes they come with traits called affixes that can change your run. Affixes can add several of different augments to your weapons, making it hard to choose which are the best to equip.

10 Area

Area causes bullets to become explosive, dealing damage to the immediate area surrounding the shot as well as on impact. It's a good starter affix to have since the smaller enemy robots tend to stay in close proximity to one another. It also is useful since you'll constantly be moving during a fight, and your bullets won't always hit the target, so hitting near the robots can still deal damage. Area can even be more useful than some of the explosive weapons if you're using a fully automatic gun due to the hail of explosions you can cause.

9 Mark

Causing extra damage to enemies should be a welcome addition to any sort of weaponry in this game full of beefy opponents. This affix causes enemies to take 1.5 times damage from all sources, making it great for quickly eliminating large enemies with high defense.

It also works exceptionally well on bosses, reducing the big baddies to nothing in record time. The Flare Gun comes equipped with the affix if you have a hard time finding a weapon with Mark on it.

8 Quickload

20 percent increased reload speed is life-saving in a game like Roboquest, and that's exactly what the Quickload affix provides. Weapons with long reload times, like the Light Machine Gun, benefit greatly from Quickload. It also stacks with character upgrades that affect reload speed and works for the venting of energy weapons. In conjunction with a rapid-firing weapon like the Assault SMG, you'll be able to keep the pressure on and keep your damage high.

7 Cryo

Mobility is everything in this game. Take it away from your enemies with the Cryo affix and leave them sitting ducks. Cryo freezes enemies in place after being shot enough with a gun that inflicts the debuff. It even slows bosses but can't freeze them completely. Regardless, it can make some very mobile bosses like Diggy Mole easier to hit when they're doing certain attacks. The Frost affix further enhances Cryo by causing it to buildup and freeze faster than before.

6 Seeker

When you've got the Seeker affix on your gun, it makes accuracy a thing of the past. Seeker causes all projectiles fired to home in on enemies, which is great if you're not yet accustomed to the run-and-gun nature of the game. The only downside of Seeker is that it may target the wrong enemy if you have a particular target in mind that is surrounded by robots, but this is a minor inconvenience at best. It's very useful against bosses where dodging is an absolute must.

5 Shock

Shock is a definite upgrade to Cryo despite the similarities. Shock not only immobilizes targets, but it also deals damage over time on top of that, making it immensely useful. Smaller robots will be taken down in seconds, while the larger ones will be helpless to survive the combination of damage over time and your weapons. It works best with a fast-firing gun since the status effect builds up quicker due to more hits landed. Shock also lasts a good amount of time, so you don't need to worry about it ending too quickly. Unlike Cryo, however, bosses cannot be inflicted with the Shock debuff.

4 Drain

Truly a lifesaving attribute to have on a weapon in an unforgiving game like Roboquest. As usual with the rogue genre, health is as valuable as gold. Drain steals three percent of the damage you deal and returns it to you as health. This is a run-changing affix to have, especially when you've made it through several areas of the game.

It truly shines against large targets with bigger health pools since there's a lot more life to steal from them, and they're typically less mobile. Much like the other affixes, use it with a fast-firing gun and watch your health zip back up to full. Three percent may not sound like much, but it counts for quite a bit when close to death.

3 Puncture

Enemies love to stand in close proximity to each other in Roboquest, so it's only natural an affix like Puncture exists. Puncture causes an extra 30 percent of damage to occur to a target who's been hit with a weapon using the Pierce affix. This allows for huge damage potential for weapons like sniper rifles, which normally aren't viable due to their low rate of fire. That being said, it's effective for all gun types, especially if they're automatic.

2 Clover

In terms of damage dealt, this affix reigns supreme. Clover has a chance to double the damage done by a critical hit. This allows you to put up some incredible numbers when you create the right setup for Clover to shine. It can easily turn bosses to scrap metal and pairs great with the Commando classic. The Commando class is all about critical hits, making Clover the perfect compliment. It also goes hand in hand with the Lucky affix since Lucky focuses on critical hits as well.

1 Lucky

Lucky is the ultimate affix, granting the weapon a bonus 30 percent chance to deal critical damage on any shot. This applies to hits that don't land on critical points, which is fantastic since accuracy isn't the easiest thing to maintain in such a fast game. Pair it with Clover, and you have one of the most powerful affixes in the game. Lucky isn't as unique of a concept as one might expect from the most useful affix in the game, but it's far from average in terms of its effectiveness.

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