10 Best Among Us Mods, Ranked

Although initially releasing in 2018, Among Us came into the spotlight in 2020 and became the perfect game for the bizarre year. Players have taken the now-iconic little Crewmates into millions of rounds of trying to figure out who the imposter of the ship is. This, of course, includes arguing in the chat about who has been killing the other Crewmates. It’s an addictive formula that only continues to sweep the gaming world as it starts to transition from mobile platforms to consoles.

Due to the immense popularity that the game has earned, it was inevitable that the modding community would get their creative hands on the game. With only one game mode to work with, modders have attempted to change parts of the game while keeping the gameplay true to its core. Some of the ideas are so genius that they should be included in the main release of the game.

10 100 Players

The battle royale craze is still raging on in many different games. So the modding community thought that Among Us should join the trend. The 100 Players mod is exactly as the name implies: 100 different Crewmates running around at once.

Naturally, it is just as much of a disaster as anyone may expect. Despite involving a few too many players to deal with for this type of game, the absolute hilarity that ensues is enough reason to try this mod out.

9 Drag Bodies

Although quite simple of an idea, the Drag Bodies mod is a game-changer. This mod allows the Imposter to move bodies that they have taken down that can provide incredible opportunities for hiding, framing other players, or just messing with the minds of everyone involved.

This mod specifically gives the Imposter more power while simultaneously not making the game totally unbalanced. This mod feels like a deleted concept that the developers left out of the final cut in the best possible way.

8 Character Skins

Although quite commonplace in other games, Among Us doesn’t have very many visual customizations to choose from. Even though it’s not a game that specifically needs it, being able to choose a unique costume is an important aspect that makes players feel more invested in their characters.

Thankfully, there are many mods out there that add more colors and outfits for the Crewmates. If fans ever wanted to be an Imposter that looks like Spider-Man, these are the mods to try.

7 Infected: Imposter Zombies

A mod that changes up the entire structure of Among Us, the Infected mod acts as a classic Infected game mode from multiplayer shooters. The Imposter plays as a zombie who only needs to touch other Crewmates to turn them into zombies then the new zombies can create more zombies, and so on.

The Imposter wins when everyone is infected and the surviving team wins if they complete all tasks before every Crewmate has been infected. It’s a really fun twist on the formula that is great for when players need a bit of a shake-up from the traditional Among Us structure.

6 Floor Is Lava

The Floor Is Lava mod changes up the usual Among Us formula in a huge way. With this mod enabled, a random room fills with lava every few minutes and players need to step on a prop to avoid it or they will be eliminated.

The Imposter isn’t affected by the lava and, although this can make games much shorter if players aren’t careful, it creates a massive new dynamic that can make for a really fun time that is reminiscent of the classic childhood game.

5 Doctor Role

This represents one of the most acclaimed sections of the Among Us modding community. After all, adding new roles to the formula is a total game-changer. One of these new roles is the Doctor where one player is randomly assigned the ability to heal players who have been killed by the Imposter.

While it brings a new dynamic to the table, it creates a bit of a structural problem regarding revived players being able to reveal who killed them. If there is an agreement before the game not to reveal the Imposter if they’ve been revived, then the Doctor Role mod can be incredibly fun.

4 Sheriff Role

Adding even more roles to Among Us makes the game so much more engaging. One of the most acclaimed Role mods is the Sheriff role that randomly assigns one player as the titular Sheriff and gives them the opportunity to shoot one player. Of course, this is meant to be used to take out the Imposter.

However, if the Sheriff shoots an innocent player, both the Sheriff and that player die. It is an incredibly interesting dynamic that adds even more excitement and tension to the already engaging gameplay.

3 Snitch Role

The latest role mod to appear in Among Us, the Snitch has a very exciting concept. The role of Snitch is randomly assigned to a player, but the Snitch must play the game as normal until the very end. Once the Snitch has one task left to complete, the Snitch will be alerted as to who the Imposter is.

But there’s a twist: the Imposter will simultaneously learn who the Snitch is. With this information being shared, it creates a thrilling ending to every game by having the Snitch and Imposter trying to convince every other player to vote each other off of the ship.

2 Jester Role

One of the many new roles that the modding community has added to Among Us, the Jester role is a very interesting and unique role that affects the entire fate of the game. One player is randomly assigned the role of the Jester and their goal is to be voted out by the rest of the players.

While the Imposter is running around eliminating players, the Jester needs to act as suspiciously as possible and, if others vote that player out, the Jester wins the game. It adds even more tension to both the Imposter and the other Crewmates in a very thought-provoking way.

1 Proximity Chat

One of the greatest complaints from Among Us fans is that all communication is done through text unless players use an external form of communication such as Discord. It makes sense though: if everyone could immediately voice chat, the Imposter would be discovered incredibly quickly unless every player has a truce at the start.

The Proximity Chat mod aims to fix this issue by creating a function where players can voice chat, but only if they are close to another player. While the mod is still being worked on and perfected, the idea itself is absolutely genius and would allow for more entertaining and hilarious games with immediate communication.

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