10 Best Side Quests In Borderlands 3

Borderlands games have a plethora of side quests to complete during or after the main storyline. And in typical Borderlands fashion, many of these side quests are over-the-top and hilarious; however, there is an exception to a few side quests that comment on darker topics.

This is also the case for Borderlands 3, where many of the side-quests are references to memes in pop culture or comedy centered around guns, killing things with guns, or blowing things up. But, the side quests where the story is deeply explored, or comments on things that aren’t typically mentioned are often fan favorites.

10/10 Sell Out

In Borderlands 2, there are a few infamous missions where Handsome Jack personally requests you to do some side quests for him in Eridium Blight. Each of these side quests are trying to purposefully lead you into a trap so that your character can die. Finally, the last quest he gives you asks you to jump off a cliff to your doom.

This quest makes a return in Borderlands 3 called Sell Out, where Tyreen Calypso asks you to let yourself be recorded as you die so that she can use it for her own entertainment. Just like Handsome Jack, if you comply with her requests, she gives you a small reward for your efforts and some great dialogue.

9/10 Buff Film Buff

The Room is a "classic" film that movie buffs and the internet loves because of the person behind it, Tommy Wiseau. Borderlands 3 decided to add its own tribute to the legend by creating a side quest all around his movie-making process.

And, by creating movies, the game means exploring a bandit camp with a collection of Tommy’s movies stored inside a garbage can and then finding a bulb for a projector to play said movies. The rewards for completing this mission aren’t massive, but it’s a nice Easter Egg and reference for all fans to enjoy.

8/10 Swamp Bro

Swamp Bro is one of those missions where you enjoy the experience after it’s over rather than while completing it. You’re tasked by a guy named Chadd to follow him on an extreme adventure through the jungle of Eden-6 by parkouring across the map and killing tons of dinosaur-like monsters.

While the fighting and parkour elements explored are a lot of fun, the dialogue can only be described as cringe, as it feels like it’s something that would have been funny when the first Borderlands was launched. Despite that, it offers some good loot and a way to quickly travel from the bottom of the map to the top with a giant elevator.

7/10 Head Case

One of the weirder side quests in the game comes in the form of Head Case, a virtual reality side quest where you enter into the virtual world to bring someone back from the dead. First introduced in Tales from the Borderlands, Vaughn tasks you with bringing back his friend Vic after her head was severed and turned into a world you can explore.

You then go off to explore the first boss area of the game while picking up Vic’s past memories until you find Vic on the ground. You take her out of the simulation, and now there are two versions of Vic that can both talk, making this an interesting side quest.

6/10 Just Desserts

Although this quest may be one of the tamest ones in the game, Just Desserts is still a unique and fun side quest to complete. It starts with meeting a person named Beatrice who wants to take revenge against a group of bandits who treated her poorly.

The quest quickly moves on to collecting supplies from monsters and other bandits in the area so that she can make the best birthday cake for her ex-acquaintances. After completing this quest, you’re given a cash reward and a rare weapon, so it’s definitely worth picking up on your way through the game.

5/10 Porta Prison

Easily one of the funniest side-quests in Borderlands 3 has to be the comically named, Porta Prison. While walking around the giant city-like planet of Promethea, you will come across a porta potty that seems to have locked a person inside for committing crimes such as swearing.

Because of this, you’re tasked by the trapped bandit to try and get him out of his crappy situation by installing different AIs in the toilet in hopes of being released. In the end, you receive a decent rocket launcher and a satisfying conclusion to the quest with some of the funniest dialogue.

4/10 The Demon In The Dark

The Demon In The Dark is one of the more unconventional side-quests in the Borderlands series because of the implementation of fighting monsters and solving puzzles. Typically, puzzles are left to jumping around or avoiding obstacles. Still, this quest allows players to truly figure out a semi-difficult puzzle.

You’re tasked with finding an adventurer that you’ve never heard of called Alkonost, a famed robot that was lost years ago. After completing the mission, you’re given a sizable reward for a quest that's longer than most other side quests.

3/10 Homeopathological

Homeopathological is one of those quests that makes an interesting statement on something outside of the game itself. And in this case, it happens to be on cosmic healers and whether or not you can or should trust them.

When taking the mission from Sparrow on the planet Nekrotafeyo, you are told that a robot has secret information that you need to get back from them. However, to do so, you need to get to one of their therapy sessions. You’re allowed to kill them or stay ‘peaceful,’ which can lead to an interesting dilemma and commentary on people specializing in cosmic healing.

2/10 Childhood's End

The best lore side-quest in Borderlands 3 hands down goes to Childhood’s End, which explores Handsome Jack, his wife, and his siren daughter, Angel. If you wanted to know more about this mysterious family after playing the earlier games, this quest tries its best to give you some answers.

You’re given this quest by Patricia Tannis, who wants to learn more about their history and the events that unfolded after Angel awakened with powers, how her mother died, and why Handsome Jack was such an overprotective father. By completing this quest, you are handsomely rewarded and get a better perspective on how events came to be.

1/10 Baby Dancer

After years of hatred for Claptrap, Baby Dancer does something right with this misunderstood companion. Unfortunately, to get to this mission, you must complete every other side-quest for Claptrap, making him sadder as every quest goes on.

Luckily though, in Baby Dancer, Claptrap takes up a mission with you as his trusty minion to help a woman in need, who wants to dance but can’t because she’s in a wheelchair. However, Claptrap sees this, refuses to let her stay sad, and shows her that you can even dance with wheels. It’s one of the most wholesome quests and shows how Claptrap can sometimes get things right with good intentions.

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