10 Largest Video Game Monsters

Video games often fulfill our deepest power fantasies, allowing players to easily dominate enemies with a flurry of speedy slashes, hard-hitting punches, and an array of explosive weaponry. It’s usually at your most powerful that a game will chuck a mindbogglingly large beast your way, throwing any earned sense of strength straight out of the window.

Attempting to take these gargantuan creatures down becomes a head-scratching puzzle as you scramble to find a weakness. When you do finally figure it all out, it is immensely satisfying to take on the challenge and come out the victor against some of these huge video game behemoths.

10 Horizon Forbidden West – Thunderjaw

Despite 'only' being 78 feet long and 30 feet tall, Horizon Forbidden West’s Thunderjaw is one of the largest towering machines in both Horizon games, and he packs a mean punch. What it may lack in size compared to the other monsters mentioned in this list, it more than makes up for in intimidatingly bombastic firepower and terror-inducing attack patterns.

Seeing this monstrous mechanical beast roam about the open plains is terrifying, and you’ll need to make sure that you’re adequately equipped to take one of these suckers out. You’ll have to rely on Aloy’s adept hunting skills and a variety of impressive weaponry to target the Thunderjaw’s weak points to eliminate it and loot it for scraps.

9 Dead Space – Leviathan

The Leviathan in the first Dead Space stands at about 82 feet tall, and although the exact length is unknown, we can only assume that this is a pretty hefty beast based on its staggeringly beefy weight of 10,000 tons.

Most likely having collided with the Ishimura from the depths of outer space, the Leviathan’s final resting place was in the food storage section of the ship. It grew to its humongous size by absorbing the ship’s food surplus and any poor souls who happened to stumble upon it. What resulted was a disgustingly gargantuan biomass that had a penchant for devouring everything in its path, that is, until Isaac finally put an end to its unfortunate reign of terror.

8 Mass Effect Series – Thresher Maws

Thresher Maws are one of the most feared creatures in the Mass Effect series. Measuring in at a full length of 295 feet, these subterranean monsters spend their entire existence hunting and seeking out food. There’s a decent chance their next meal could very well be you.

Luckily for Shepard, he'll only ever see 100 feet of this thing when encountering it out in the wild, as the rest of its body lies beneath the surface. It’s a good thing too because what’s there is already quite a handful on its own. As well as literally trying to eat you whole, they swipe at you with their two giant clawed limbs and spit an unwelcome amount of corrosive acid to melt through your N7 armor like it’s nothing.

7 Shadow Of The Colossus – Malus

Malus isn’t technically the largest colossus in Shadow of the Colossus, but by God, is he the most menacing. Standing at an impressive 157 feet high, he is by far the tallest, heaviest, and girthiest behemoth out of the lot, even when taking into consideration that there are longer colossi in the game.

As the final colossus to punctuate the end of a wild ride, Malus is appropriately beefy and astonishingly imposing. He’s so magnificently tall, he could stare directly into the face of Big Ben when standing straight, and is only a measly six feet taller than the Statue of Liberty! Bring that one to your next trivia night – you can thank us later.

6 Elden Ring – Greyoll

In true FromSoftware fashion, Elden Ring’s countless frightening giant trolls, rot-infused walking corpses, and roaming wraiths are all appropriately horrifying. You’ll get quite the scare when facing these creatures in the Lands Between, though none will compare to the sudden shock of encountering the legendary Greyoll Elder Dragon in the region of Caelid.

Easily the largest creature in all of Elden Ring, Greyoll has a wingspan of a staggering 850 feet and is 280 feet tall. You may at first assume you’re in for the battle of your life, but he’s actually very docile and pretty easy to take out if you’re patient. Doing so will net you a pretty chunky amount of runes to spend at your leisure.

5 Lost Planet 2 – Red Eye

In a game centered around huge boss encounters, Lost Planet 2 has a lot of massive monsters fighting for the top spot. The clear winner is Red Eye, a colossal worm-like creature that is over 980 feet long and burrows itself underground.

When it pops up for a bit of fresh air, you’ll notice countless unnerving little red eyes on its jaw, just begging to be shot at with an automatic weapon. You may also observe hundreds of spikes adorning its disgusting body – a nifty little feature that allows it to move underground at great speed. It’s so fast, it’ll keep up with you when you’re on a moving train during your second encounter with the beast. Luckily, there’s a handy rail gun nearby to make short work of it.

4 Monster Hunter Frontier – Laviente

For a franchise that is dedicated to hunting the biggest and baddest monsters in the land, there’s no shortage of terrifyingly huge creatures in Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. Despite some debate as to which is the largest, for our money, Monster Hunter Frontier’s Laviente is the clear winner.

The most likely length of this awe-inspiring serpent beast is a ridiculous 1,475 feet. He’ll use all that size to his advantage when smashing into the ground to throw a bunch of deadly flying rocks in your direction. If that wasn’t enough, he’ll also bury himself below ground and initiate a series of earth-shattering volcanic eruptions to ruin your day even further.

3 Final Fantasy X – Sin

The actual size of Sin in Final Fantasy X is quite hard to determine, but rest assured… Sin is a big boy. As the main antagonistic force, you better believe he backs up that claim with his huge size, and then some.

This enormous whale-like monster has a penchant for destruction and is virtually impenetrable. Its gigantic body can silently float through the air, and its huge fins make it perfect for gliding effortlessly in huge bodies of water. The creature itself acts as the game’s final dungeon, where you get to enter this ethereal beast in an attempt to take it down and save Spira once and for all.

2 Gears Of War 2 – Riftworm

After being roused by an understandably intrusive Lightmass explosion, the planet’s last surviving Riftworm made sure to let everyone in Gears of War 2 know how upset it was at the unwanted interference.

Riftworms can grow to a huge 2,625 feet tall and a mortifying ten miles in length, and have been known to devour entire cities. Marcus Fenix and company get the exceedingly bright idea of destroying its many hearts after being swallowed whole by the beast. What results is an extremely bloody escape as the COG crew burst out of the creature in what has to be the goriest death sequence ever to occur in a video game. Gone, but not forgotten.

1 God Of War – Jormungandr

You first come across the magnificent World Serpent (or Jormungandr to his buddies) on your journey through the different realms of Midgard while paddling along God of War’s illustrious Lake of Nine. He’s so big, that this brilliant hub area will dynamically change based on the giant serpent’s movements, revealing more of the map as he decides to move.

Following Nordic mythology, this extremely long and slippery mythical being is destined to battle Thor at the fated coming of Ragnarok. He will undoubtedly prove to be a very worthy foe, as he is so tremendously large that he can surround the entire circumference of the earth. This would make it a monumental 25,000 (or so) miles in length; a creature you most definitely would not want to get on the bad side of.

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