10 Pokemon Who Would Be Great At Helping You With Homework

Imagine if you could catch Pokemon in the real world and hang out with your favorites. Pokemon could easily help you with everyday tasks, like chores, commuting, cooking, and more. If you’re in school or college, a few Pokemon could even help you out with your homework!

Whether you need to get an essay written quickly, you’re stuck on a hard math problem, or you just need some moral support to get you through the other side of the school year, there’s a Pokemon or two who would make an excellent academic partner for you.

10/10 Kadabra

Kadabra is one of the most powerful Psychic-Type Pokemon. With its mastery over its mind, it is the ideal Pokemon to help train your brain to knock out schoolwork effectively. As long as it’s equipped with its signature spoon, its telekinetic powers can benefit you as you try to understand and focus on your homework.

Speaking of focus, one of Kadabra’s potential abilities is Inner Focus. This is another attribute you could learn from this Pokemon to strengthen your own ability to focus.

9/10 Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime can be a playful trickster at times, but if you’re friendly enough with it, it would be a great asset to you in tackling your school assignments. It is excellent at pantomime, and could help you break down complicated books for English or History by acting them out.

As a Psychic-Type, Mr. Mime is also a master of mental manipulation that could aid you in focusing on your homework. In particular, Mr. Mime can learn Calm Mind, which it can use to help relax you if you start to panic over an assignment.

8/10 Delibird

Delibird, the Flying and Ice-Type Pokemon, is the perfect partner to support you while you work on your school assignments. The Delivery Pokemon is known for sharing food with those in need, so it would keep you well-stocked with your favorite study snacks.

Additionally, Delibird has the hidden ability Insomnia, which keeps it from falling asleep in battle. Since it’s effective at resisting sleep, it can help you stay awake if you start to nod off during a late night of studying.

7/10 Rotom

The Plasma Pokemon Rotom is among the most practically useful Pokemon, given its ability to fuse with technology. From phones to the Pokedex to a microwave oven and more, Rotom can take many forms, which can all be helpful for you in tackling your homework.

While Rotom hasn’t taken the form of a laptop (yet), it’s not a stretch to assume it could fuse with your computer and provide quick assistance when writing an essay or studying for an exam. Just be careful if you ask Rotom for help—the Pokemon is also known for making trouble at times.

6/10 Chandelure

Chandelure, the Luring Pokemon, takes the form of a haunted chandelier. With this shape and its dual Ghost and Fire-Type designation, it can help illuminate your study space late into the night—or throughout an all-nighter, if that’s your style.

Beyond shedding some light on your desk, Chandelure also has hypnotic abilities that may come in handy. You could have it hypnotize you into focusing on your homework to fight against distractions from your phone, friends or family, or anything else that might keep you from your work.

5/10 Sobble

Sword and Shield’s Water-Type Starter Sobble is the perfect emotional support Pokemon to have on your team. If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of homework on your plate or find a particular assignment frustrating, Sobble will help you cry it out for a minute, which is sometimes all you need to keep going with your work.

Sobble is comfortable with crying and it’s known to make others around it weep. It will meet you in your moment of distress and provide solidarity by crying through your frustration with you.

4/10 Polteageist

The Black Tea Pokemon, Polteageist, can help you get through your homework by providing sustenance. A hot drink like tea can be a huge help to have on your desk as you tackle your school work, providing some comfort and the occasional caffeine burst.

However, keep in mind that Polteageist’s tea isn’t for the faint of heart. Though its tea tastes delicious, as a Ghost-Type, its haunting brew can be dangerous for humans to consume. So, use moderation when asking Polteageist to help you out.

3/10 Calyrex

Calyrex is one of the most unique Pokemon, introduced through the Crown Tundra DLC for Sword and Shield. Known as the King Pokemon, Calyrex is the previous ruler of the Galar Region, known for using its gifts to help others. It would no doubt enjoy lending a helping hand if you’re stuck on some homework.

Calyrex is also one of the few Pokemon with the ability to master human language. This makes it especially helpful for tackling your homework, as Calyrex’s telepathic communication allows you to easily understand the answers it's giving you.

2/10 Palafin

The Dolphin Pokemon Palafin is always happy to lend a helping fin to those in need, and that includes aiding you with your homework. Modeled after a superhero, Palafin switches between Zero and Hero Form, further emphasizing its readiness to rescue others. As a result, it can definitely save you from your schoolwork woes.

Palafin’s dolphin inspiration also suits it to helping you with your homework. Dolphins are known to be super intelligent, so it’s likely that Palafin also has the brainpower to engage with academic assignments.

1/10 Mew

Mew is one of the most iconic Pokemon of all time, introduced in the very first game. One of the Mythical Pokemon, Mew is one of the strongest and adaptable 'mons out there, as it can learn practically every single Pokemon move in existence.

It’s this adaptability that makes Mew an asset to helping you with your homework. Whatever assignment you’re stuck on, Mew is able to learn a solution to assist you as one of the smartest Psychic-Types out there. Admittedly, it might be more of a challenge to actually find and catch Mew than it is to solve whatever homework problem you’re stuck on, but it'll be more than worth the effort.

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