14 Games To Play If You Love Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has enjoyed immense success since its launch. In a report from 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive, the game has performed better than any other 2K title in many categories. The Borderlands franchise is now the second in 2K history to generate $1 billion from customer purchases.

The third entry in the series sold 50% more copies than Borderlands 2 in the five days after launch. Digital copies comprised 70% of the sales and, in the history of the Epic Store, Borderlands 3 is the most-preordered game. The shoot-and-loot extravaganza is on pace to even eclipse the success of Borderlands 2.

It’s a blast to play and has received high praise from many critics. So, for features like Vault Hunters, the crazy Gearbox humor, and the endless guns, then here are 14 other games players should try out.

Updated by Juliet Childers on November 30th, 2020: Some of the best features of any Borderlands title are its sense of humor, animation, and gunplay. These are the elements that define the license and have helped set it apart from the rest of the IPs on the market. Few games can match the series on all fronts, but fans of the franchise will still find humor, amazing gun mechanics, and incredible stories in various other looter shooter style games. 

14 Other Borderlands Games

The suggestion may seem like common sense, but some fans may still not have played certain entries. Borderlands 3 certainly received more widespread attention than earlier entries in the series. So fans of the gameplay there will definitely enjoy other romps in the world of Vault Hunters.

There are plenty of bandits, psychos, rakk, spiderants, and cuties to encounter. Most of the other games all take place on Pandora with Pre-Sequel occurring mostly on Elpis. Each game features its own unique cast with a few returning NPCs like Marcus, Mad Moxxi, and Dr. Zed. He was, oddly, absent from Borderlands 3, however.

Shooting and looting have never been finer than in a Borderlands game. They provide endless guns, countless fights, and the kind of jokes that only Gearbox can make work.

13 Destiny 2

After the success of Halo, Bungie has shifted toward online multiplayer with the first-person shooter Destiny games. The sequel now has a free-to-play version to entice players that are skeptical of the oft-maligned series.

To be clear, Destiny 2 differs from Borderlands 3 in many ways. The graphics couldn’t be more different and the twisted humor that so many fans adore in Borderlands isn’t present. Yet, Destiny 2 aligns with the shoot-and-loot genre. So, if you’re a fan of grinding for the shiniest and deadliest new gun to show friends, then it’s worth checking out.

12 The Outer Worlds

The new(ish) kid on the block has been making the rounds and people are loving the show. Obsidian Entertainment, creators of Fallout: New Vegas, developed The Outer Worlds. The game will strike a chord with fans of Borderlands 3 in two particular areas: the guns and the dialogue.

While there are not even close to a billion guns in The Outer Worlds, science weapons and other delightful inventions make combat just as exciting. Players can do crazy things with weapons like shrink opponents or incinerate them. Plus, the ludicrous conversations that are possible in the game are all worthy of adoration. Any Gearbox fan would approve.

11 Risk of Rain 2

The cooperative roguelike action game expects players to die quite a bit. But it will give players a ton of loot to help forget about that unfortunate fact. Risk of Rain 2 offers fast-paced action that ensures chaos — not unlike Borderlands combat. One of the bigger differences between this game and Borderlands is the third-person visuals.

But the game promises good fun with cute, vibrant graphics. If players want a grindy game with an immersive multiplayer experience that keeps you locked in for hours and hours, then Risk of Rain 2 is the game to play.

10 Rage 2

Carnage is the name of the game in Rage 2. Just like in Mr. Torgue’s world, explosions are always welcome. Players are encouraged to shoot everything and blow it up if shooting doesn’t quite do the job. An open-world first-person shooter from Avalanche Studios and id Software, Rage 2 asks players to leave their consciences at the door. Let loose that inner psycho and put your rage face on.

Fan of apocalyptic movies like Mad Max might say that Rage 2 plays like a War Boy fantasy. But this time, Immortan Joe has granted the player dominion over the world. Boot up Rage 2 and rain down bullet-hell on every enemy.

9 Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

The most tactical shooter on the list, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will require strategy and skill to win a campaign for the future of the capitol. D.C. is on the brink of collapse. As with games like Diablo, only heavily-armed players can stave off the end. The Division 2 might be a shooter RPG, but the loot is just as important.

Gear sets, exotic items, and unique specializations will keep players coming back for the next run through the dark zone and into the missions. The experience only gets better when playing with friends — just like Borderlands 3.

8 Warframe

Robot ninjas in space; do potential players need more convincing? With more than 50 million registered players across all platforms, more than 60 frames to play as, and hundreds of weapons, Warframe is a total juggernaut.

The cooperative third-person shooter is free-to-play, as well. The online multiplayer game requires the kind of commitment that fans of Borderlands 3 will understand and appreciate. There’s always something new to upgrade a Warframe or to optimize a build.

7 Team Fortress 2

Veteran gamers remember the good old days when Valve actually made video games. Team Fortress 2 was one of the gems Valve produced and it still holds up today. After all, what’s just as fun as collecting the next gun in the billion options available?

How about a legitimate financial market revolving around rare hats?

Yes, that right’s: the team-based online multiplayer Team Fortress 2 is one of the most ridiculous games ever. That sense of humor and absurdity is what makes it so fun. It still commands a strong player base even though it released in 2007. Twelve years later, and the humorous shooter is well alive and kicking.

Check it out some time, but be sure to watch out for the Spy.

6 Remnant: From the Ashes

This game is a Souls-like cooperative third-person action shooter with plenty to love. Remnant: From the Ashes emphasizes melee and ranged combat builds that will make any Borderlands 3 fan feel right at home.

Think of this world as one where the vault monster from the first Borderlands took over the universe. Now, the player (nee vaunt hunter) must fight their way to destroy that monster. The atmosphere is definitely darker with a grim mood and the guns aren’t as varied.

But there is still plenty of complexity in creating a character build that will become god-like with enough tweaking and upgrading.

5 Diablo III

Dungeon crawling, hacking, and slashing – oh my! Long-time gamers will be familiar with the Diablo series, but newer players should start with Diablo 3. They’ll be fighting demon hordes all in the name of legendary weapons and armor sets. They will better protect the player against said hordes of demons that threaten the world.

Diablo III has been out since 2012, but the Eternal Collection will bring all of the biggest updates and downloadable content into one package. It might differ from Borderlands 3 aesthetically and narratively, but the grind is real, and it’s just as glorious. Become the greatest warrior ever with the dope gear to prove it.

4 Bulletstorm

This game originally released in 2011 but recently launched on the Nintendo Switch and is available on Origin. Bulletstorm takes place in the 26th century and features tons of OP abilities and flopping bodies. The FPS also features voice work from now heavy hitters like Steve Blum and Jennifer Hale.

Borderlands fans will appreciate Bulletstorm’s similarity in tone and its glorious trash mobs. The main difference lies in Bulletstorm’s sci-fi city setting vs. the lonely wasteland vibe of the original Borderlands. Pro-tip: the best mechanic in Bulletstorm involves something known as “The Leash.”

3 Titanfall 2

Fans of Borderlands might look at Titanfall 2 and think it’s way too buttoned up. It definitely isn’t as off-the-cuff as Borderlands, but Titanfall 2’s gunplay is staggeringly impressive and so is the short but engaging solo campaign.

Borderlands fans will find Titanfall 2’s mechanics refreshing and familiar at the same time. They’ll also bond with a much better robotic companion than Claptrap known as BT. One can only hope that developer Respawn will be able to do more Titanfall games instead of just pumping out Apex Legends content.

2 Sea Of Thieves

Boondoggle me cockles! Developer Rare has seen continued success with their now 3-year old game Sea of Thieves. The humorous animation style paired with a vibrant world make for endless fun. Like Borderlands, Sea of Thieves is best experienced when playing with friends.

The team can hunt for loot, defend their ship, or just wander the open seas. However, no matter what players get up to, they must do two things. Firstly, they should always be playing a sea shanty on some type of instrument. Secondly, they must pet the dog (or parrot, cat, or any other pet).

1 West Of Loathing

This might not be as active and frenetic as a Borderlands game, but West of Loathing delves into the RPG side of things more. It also maintains a Western shoot-em-up aesthetic (albeit with stick figures). However, Borderlands fans will mostly like West of Loathing for two reasons.

Not only is the game humorous and entertaining, but it also lets players relax a bit. It includes remote play together features and has full controller support. Don one of 50 hats and see if the drunk horse is around why don’t you?

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